week 24 \\ 2015

Sometimes this world can be a funny place. It’s mostly people that make it funny. They tell you they are there for you. They make empty promises. They smile and laugh with you. They ‘encourage’ you. They say “I’m on your team.” But then when cah cah hits the fan or you have a rough […]

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black every friday: eleven things Black women aren’t “allowed” to say

article adapted from Anna Gibson for forharriet.com A brilliant article by Bustle recently detailed 10 things that women aren’t allowed to say. The list was extremely relatable and recounted everything from “That’s sexist!” to “I don’t want to have kids.” However, because of intersectionality, there are many ideas and opinions that Black women are also told we’re not […]

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I know this blew Twitter up {and I don’t even have a Twitter account!} Also I think she might be my future daughter.. but we’ll have to wait and see. A lot of people are talking about her but I had to give my little $.02: Super proud {and in awe} of this young sister, Kyemah! She […]

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week 23 \\ 2015

So I know I have like maybe three male subscribers? Hi! I’m sure you all are upstanding citizens who treat young ladies with respect and courtesy. This post isn’t for you, but maybe your lame cousin? Or friend? Pastor? Or co-worker? Maybe even your dad. [Yes, it transcends age groups, level of responsibilites and social […]

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week 22 \\ 2015: conundrum

Getting rid of a friend in middle school was such drama, right. I mean before the ‘breakup’ convo was even finished, the entire school knew about it. So, sans the huge audience, close quarters and hyper hormones, why isn’t it any easier as an adult?? I still love her. I still like her. She’s funny […]

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