week 26 \\ 2015: halfway

Kinda huge news kinda!! I have been pushed into the deep end {with no floaties!} by my biggest fan {my mom, y’all} to sell my art. It has honestly never really been a thought since like middle school because hey, let’s face it, being an artist isn’t a “real” job. At least not where I’m from. {Let’s call it a hustle then.} Plus I’ve been attacked by those imaginary haters aka my conscious who said my work just isn’t good enough. Anywho, I’ve conquered those hurdles + my shop has officially launched! I’m too excited! So if you’re into drawings of Black girls by a living artist, please give it a gander. Let me know what you think! And buy something 🙂


etsy shop

ig @fromygosh

xo ❤

P.S. We’re exactly halfway done with 2015; how are those new year’s resolutions going?? I really want to know!

3 thoughts on “week 26 \\ 2015: halfway

  1. You’re really a talented artist. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You got skills!lol Just keep doing your thing. Practice makes perfect right?

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