funkin it up

“deodorant adventures”

It started in like fourth grade with Teen Spirit.


I then graduated to Secret.


…had a loooong love affair with Dove..


Eventually learned the dangers of aluminum and started using Tom’s. I love Tom’s.


But on my quest to find a small and/or Black-owned funk-defier, I recently moved on.

So now it’s me + Nubian Heritage. For now. Maybe.


I got the coconut&papaya scent. It smells amazing. My problem is the consistency! And I’m sad because I really wanted it to work! And it keeps me smelling pretty good, but NH is mad sticky because it’s made with glycols from corn. Yea. Same stuff corn syrup is made of, so I dunno what I was expecting. It’s not smooth to the touch and looks like cake frosting if I have any moisture under my arms. Long story short: No stores in my area carry it so I paid $8+shipping for A STICK 😦 . I’m already sticky enough with this summer humidity so my relationship with Nubian’s deodorant will end once this stick does. But they have a ton of other products that I wanna try, {plus I got a coupon! eyy} so I’ll be a return customer.

Stay fresh, y’all!

7 thoughts on “funkin it up

      1. Hmmm Mother Nature Magic is the best way to describe them! lol. For real, as soon as I get out the shower and the pit is still moist, I rub that crystal on until I can’t rub no more. Or moisten the crystal and then rub it in. I’ve been using it for years and have NEVER had an “sure/unsure” moment. I put on perfume around that area. It’s magic girl. You can buy one from a black owned book store (some BO business) probably. Anywhere you find shea butter, I bet you’ll see a crystal not far behind :). sorry/lengthy. I just love talking about this stuff. I was actually just writing a post about my pits hahaha and came across yours!

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        1. And I’m so glad you read it! I appreciate it and appreciate your feedback. I’m always down to at least try remedies like this because I’ll be wearing deodorant for the rest of my life. Imagine how much money I’d save using crystals! Crazy I was just out shopping at a Black-owned natural care store today.. and they had rock crystals. Is there a particular one you use?

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          1. Hi Kelley! I don’t have a particular one, just a plain old Rock Crystal. I THINK they are all the same, but someone at the store would probably have better insight. Yes, you save so much $$$! I have only purchased 3 crystals in the past 4 years (one fell and shattered). I tried to use a “natural” deodorant on a trip recently, & it was NOT the same. ‘The rest of our lives’ is right… I figure, that’s one battle won against the war of consumerism right? Buy-Buy-Buy, smh.

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          2. Yes that is what I’m trying to get away from, buying and buying! I asked my sister, who’s more knowledgable about crystals, and she said she’s heard of crystal particles being in deodorant, so your concept is not so farfetched. Thank you again! I will be back with an update for you once I try it.


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