week 28 \\ 2015: meet the browns


Last year, in order to get over my long anti-artmaking funk, I pledged to create something daily for 100 days in a row. It started out as a chore. I was uninspired. Annoyed. Frustrated. Feeling washed up + inadequate and wanted to throw all my sketches away.. But by the end, I was doubling, tripling, sometimes even quadrupling my required quota. And I must tell you, that one saying about creativity never running out is true. I started drawing and I wanted to draw more. I was inspired by the elements, fabrics, buildings- everything. I was back.

“milk shake” hoops inspired by Beads Byaree

And now, as an artist coming into her own, I really strive to inspire, if nothing else. I don’t yet consider my work deep or moving, but it’s from the heart and it reflects who I am and what I want to see. My work will be here long after I’m not.  And I strongly feel that we need to create and promote our own images, because, clearly the media is doing a shitty job at it. So I’m doing my part.

I launched ab-originality to showcase my artwork which promotes the undeniable natural beauty, resilience, style, diversity and strength of the Black woman. My second collection, mid-summer, is due out next month. And as I brainstormed and began creating it, I thought dang! This shoulda been my debut! But, tis life. . I’m growing. I’m prouder. I’m getting closer to my art, if that makes sense. And I love that feeling.

Enjoy the “sneak peek”at some works in progress. And I’m only sharing cuz I know y’all are lazy and haven’t peeped the actual site yet. Please let me know what you think!

solitudinem-inspired ear art
solitudinem-inspired ear art
“flora” ear cuff inspiration
earrings inspired by Beads Byaree’s “like the water” hoops
“frida” choker inspiration

The feature photo is inspired by Queen Mama Badoula herself. And of course I’m ever-inspired by jewelry brands that I’m a true fan of, so please check them out, too, if you haven’t already.


beads byaree

peace images

[all images ©ab-originality]

5 thoughts on “week 28 \\ 2015: meet the browns

  1. These are beautiful, and to note I have been to your specific site. I really love flora ear cuff, but the ABORIGINAL print with the fro and the 3 flowers really takes me somewhere. Thanks for doing you and providing it to the world to see.

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