cash rules everything around me


I know you’ve seen the drug ad subsequent to the commercial to participate in the lawsuit against said drug with the $1 burger promo after that and then the magic weight loss pill followed by the loving image of the embrace you’ll receive when you arrive at the diabetic nerve pain treatment center. These images normalize the truly perverse cycle contaminating so many minds and bodies. All within a three and a half minute show break.

Everything has a price tag in this country. E V E R Y T H I N G.

Your health is no different. Your life has a price. Everything you do [and don’t do] amounts in dollars. Instead of showing the masses how to stay in good shape, they pump us with highly addictive prescription pills, refined sugar, poisonous food dyes, hormones and a load of other crap. I mean people calling the police over a wrong order?! [What’s really in that food to make people react so crazily?] Funny, but outrageous. And sad. The idea is to keep us sick [and addicted] enough to return for more + more treatments and synthetic drugs and value meals instead of helping us prevent such toxic lifestyles in the first place. Besides costs, drugs and bad foods are no different in the process.


If you have one hour and 39 minutes to spare, I urge you to watch Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. It touched on some of the same facts as Fed Up and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, other great documentaries spotlighting the greedy, destructive big pharma and how to easily reverse illnesses. I lost a friend to cancer this year-who had just made 30-and I now know her illness was 100% preventable and reversible. Numbers don’t lie, folks. As we get sicker, they get richer. Our poor health and ignorance is their wealth.

The solution? Simple: Question everything. [Why is the salad $7 and the burger is $1 or $2? wtf is maltodextrin?! Why do I always feel tired?] Do your homework. Learn to read nutrition labels [especially the ingredients]. Buy food that has nutritional value and combats your ailment[s]. Practice moderation. Take note of how your body digests certain foods. Reheat meals in the oven or on the stovetop. Juice. Grow some shit. Exercise. Meditate. Read a book. Drink more water. Don’t smoke. De-stress. Do more of what makes you happy. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make resolutions.

I highly doubt things will change much within the for-profit backwards diseasecare system in my lifetime, but it is essential that we stay aware of our role in this game of Russian Roulette big corporations play with our lives. And it’s even more imperative for people of color and the impoverished because, as we can see from any direction we look, our deaths are of the highest commodity.


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18 thoughts on “cash rules everything around me

      1. No I didn’t read it. I just stared at your cute avatar I’m kidding,of course I read it. It was very informative. We have to be very mindful of what we put in our body. The body is the temple. And fast food is poison for the body. These fast food places only care about making money.They could care less if you or your children get sick with cancer later on in life. Which is why I created my health blog in the first place.

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        1. Cool cool. Right on! Thank you. And I completely agree. It is pretty sick how many big companies only focus on the amount of money they make instead of doing things with some ethics.
          Thank you for your feedback and sharing your site; I’ll have to check it out.

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    1. This post is perfection! You said so much, it’s like you were in m head. I had no idea people were calling 911 like that…now we know something is in that “food” to make people act a fool like that. It’s making us fat, depressed, and crazy. Great post, and thanks for including me 🙂 you’re amazing

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      1. Haha yes I’m like damn your number eight missing the cheese was an emergency like that?! Must be nice to have such trivial “problems.” so C R A Z Y!!
        Thank you again. I appreciate you!


  1. But dag Kelly, sometimes I want that big sloppy juicy burger. Lol. On a more important note though, I am trying to do all these things, I have to learn how to cook all over again but a healthy diet can really create a wealth of change. I’ve been contemplating just eating fish but I really do enjoy a burger, steaks, and pork chops every once in a while. Its going to be a hard winter. I’m getting a plan in place. Maybe once a month. We do need to start paying attention to our bodies though. They tell us everything if we’re willing to listen.

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    1. And you can have all of those things! I just had a bigass burger with tater tots yesterday. It’s all about moderation. And even better: cook for yourself as often as possible so you know how food was made + what’s in it. You can find a healthier alternative to your favorite juicy burger to prepare yourself and I bet it’ll even taste better. [Plus you wouldn’t have to pay extra to customize it.] It’s fun to discover new meal ideas. There is so much good stuff out there that you haven’t even heard of or thought to try! I just say change before you HAVE to.

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      1. I like that “change before you have to”. Oh so any things I need to practice. Well I am working on it if I want my little lady to be better that means I have to give her something to be better than.

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  2. That is certainly true. While I have avoided so many unhealthy foods, I still need to do better at cooking without being so reliant on a microwave. I’ve been taking some steps like making my own scrambled eggs, pasta, and recently making fufu (a Central and West African dish), I have been expanding my horizons even though I don’t consider myself a cook.

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