week 32 \\ 2015

I remember this one time I got pulled over.

I was driving my ex’s truck. It was a nice day, but kinda warm, so I had the back windows halfway down too. The narrow street was pretty busy with traffic so the officer walked up to my passenger side. But instead of coming to the front passenger window like a normal officer of the law[if there is a such thing], dude starts talking to me through the back passenger window, asking me where I’m coming from, where I’m going, do I own the car-usual bs. All the while looking thru the back seat. I mean like half his body was in the window! You would guess he’d dropped his contact lens on the floor or something. I was so angered when I saw this that I couldn’t even hear him anymore.

Instead of answering, I asked him what he was doing,

why he didn’t come to my front window,

what he was looking for.

And I honestly don’t remember what he said but I got out the car and called him a racist, yelling that all Culver City cops are racist pigs. [Which most, that I encountered, are. I consider profiling a form of racism.]

Yes, I know. Crazy Black lady.

My reason for sharing this story? I look back on that day so often lately, realizing now that I could have easily been beaten, wrongfully arrested and/or murdered like Samuel DuBose, Sandra Bland and so many of our brothers and sisters.

I still can be.

All for being Black with an expired tag.

12 thoughts on “week 32 \\ 2015

  1. I would have been shaking in my boots if I were you. Heck I can’t look a a police car without shaking in my boots and I’m white. What does that say about the police?

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    1. Exactly, Leslie! Bullies with badges. It’s kinda scary. This was like eight years ago and I have been pulled over since and I just don’t say too much of anything to these fools. Don’t even want to be in their presence.

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      1. Some how this “to serve and protect” business has turned into dominate and intimidate and in some cases eliminate. The fact that the judicial system seems to be supportive of the police when they are guilty of a blatant murder is very disturbing.

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          1. I agree with you; I’m an optimistic realist. My optimism knows if we all did our part, this country would be vastly different. If we all stood together against injustices, we’d win. No doubt.

            But realism has shown me too many are too scared or/and comfortable. They quietly play by the rules. They want someone else to lead instead of themselves. And even if there was a major leader speaking out, there are many that would want him to pipe down and move along.

            Thank you for reading, Leslie. I appreciate your feedback.

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          2. Never lose hope Kelley. Things can change for the better but it will take a concerted effort by all of us. I think enough of us see the injustice and want this change very much. This is no world I want for my children or my grandchildren.

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  2. Did you get arrested? Why the hell he was looking to see if there’s anything suspicious first when he have to make eye contact? I feel betrayed by the whole system and it’s time to let it go.

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    1. No I didn’t, thank goodness. And that is a great question! He had on his cop shades so I’m not sure if he even looked at me. And my bf at the time was a student and gym rat so there were school supplies and dirty clothes, but ZERO reason to just start sniffing around if it’s just an expired tag.

      I feel betrayed, too, sis. The police force was CREATED to capture us and I don’t think much has changed since its beginning.


  3. Driving while black is a crime you know? It’s an everyday thing living in Amerikkka. I’m sorry you had to go through this ordeal. You’ll be a stronger person in the process. Stay strong sis. Don’t let it get you down.

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    1. It is a crime! Just being Black is a crime. Thank you much, KP. I wrote this a couple weeks back and decided to share. It felt good and right to share with everything getting so thick lately.

      When we moving to Africa? I’m ready.

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