Black Every Friday: Dexter R. Jones

Basically there’s this amazing man from Brooklyn [why are all the cool people from Brooklyn tho??!]. His use of vibrant color is visually striking, yet- like all great art -there’s a message behind the muses. Dex understands that Black women, the most beautiful beings on the earth, are constantly marginalized and need to be represented in a loving, positive light. Yes, a brother that recognizes the unfair representation of his sisters, has a gift and proudly shares it. I love that he loves us.

ENVY OF THE WORLD It gives me great satisfaction to do good work and create something with my name on it that’s accessible to the people. You all know I always try to convey subtle yet potent messages with my work. The “Envy” image is no different. It is quite literally a highly sought-after beautifully melinated dismembered head surrounded by a loud inescapably hot aura. We are their Envy – and because of that deadly sin, we have been stripped and broken down to bare minimums. This is what they do when they want what they can’t have. But we have it. So even still……we look so damn good in this hostile environment. We are the Envy of the World. Their thirst for more never ends. But we got the juice and we have always known that even in death we can’t be stopped. We get louder. We grow stronger. We get up in your face. – Dex R. Jones

eotw1 eotw2 eotw3 eotw4eotw0

Beautiful, right??! You can show Dexter some social media love, book a shoot, donate or purchase prints + tees on his site. He’s here in Atlanta for Naturally Beautiful [happening tomorrow], a cool lil showcase presented by 50 Shades of Black featuring some of his works, a live photoshoot, hair care demos and conversation. [P.S. it’s free]

Let’s support someone that supports us .com | tumbla | afropunk | insta

all images © Dex R. Jones

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