We could do this every weekend.


After several pretty trying days, this weekend’s activities were much needed! Before the evening ended with a red cup house party, I spent the afternoon basking in the sun at Naturally Beautiful [mentioned on the last Black Every Friday]. It was just as the title entails: naturally beautiful. Lots of gorgeous brown skin, natural hair, great artwork and stimulating conversation with magical minds.  The event was hosted by 50 Shades of Black and Loc Livin at Knight Photography Studio inside Atlanta’s Studioplex. Naturally Beautiful featured photographers Dex R. Jones and Joey Rosado who spoke on the importance of glorifying their love and appreciation of Black people, Black queens in particular. 95th St Tacos provided the delicious eats, The Good Hair Shop brought natural health and beauty products and demonstrated loc styling while God Is From pressed custom tees on site.




It was pretty magical.




And Ego Death was on rotation the whole time. These people know me!


Everyone was so positive and real and loving and inspiring! Please get familiar with and support these beautiful Black-owned companies! They’re doing great things for the people and their communities.



Island Boi Photography 

The Good Hair Shop

Knight Photography

Dexter R. Jones

95th St. Tacos

God Is From

Loc Livin’

Art. Good conversation. Food. Music. Laughs. Dancing. Hangover. Leftover food.

Balance is restored.


7 thoughts on “We could do this every weekend.

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I am jealous, I need a friend to invite me to such events. I would love your company 🙂 keep the good vibes goin!

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    1. Aw don’t be jealous! I’m lucky to have a sister that likes to do a lot of the same things as me, so she rolls with me by default lol. And we actually made some friends at this event so it was pretty awesome.

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  2. this seems like it was a very encouraging event. I’m looking forward to this natural hair event happening next month. i’m ready to hear inspiring words (HeyFranHey is going to be there. squeals!), mingle with brown skinned ladies, and support small businesses. with all of the craziness going on in the world and our individual lives. it’s important to have moments such as these. glad you enjoyed it!

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    1. Yes! We’re on the same page. It was definitely refreshing and a great reminder that there are some wonderful people out there doing positive things.

      Fran is awesome! I’m sure you’ll have fun and make some great memories.

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