Black Every Friday: Black Women, Don’t Get Bamboozled

Black Women Don’t Get Bamboozled: White/Non-Black Hair Companies Are Now Trying to Peddle Black Women Natural Hair Products.

I’m so disappointed with Carol’s Daughter! I used this brand religiously when I returned natural and now.. I just can’t. L’oreal tho? Really?!

Oyin HandmadeShea MoistureKinky-Curly and Thank God It’s Natural are a few of my favorite Black-owned hair care brands that are easy to find and don’t break the bank. There are tons of others out there so there is no excuse not to support our sisters and brothers when caring for our hair.

12 thoughts on “Black Every Friday: Black Women, Don’t Get Bamboozled

  1. Well, actually. I just found out that Shea Moisture is being shady as well. They have been reformulating a lot of their products and have put in an ingredient that is a mix of vegetable protein and silicone (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG Propyl Silanetriol). Yet, they pride themselves on being an all natural hair product. Shady, much?! I’m on operation use my stash up and supporting smaller vendors such as the women who handmake their products and sell them on Etsy. I’m tired of being swindled. Oyin and KCKT are still legit though!

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    1. Nooo! Say it ain’t so! I might have to follow suit, use up my stash and not buy anymore. I’m guessing this includes their body products too? Which I also use. So disappointing! Thank you for the heads up.

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          1. LAWWWD. Like why can’t things stay indie and genuine? I get the whole expanding the product, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your consumer base when we support you because of your supposed ethics.

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  2. This is no surprise. They’ll find a way to bank off of any movement black people/women are having while trying to snatch business away from black women/people. I stay woke!

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    1. I know right! Some brands I’m like yea ok, there is nothing but crap in there cuz a year ago, they only made products for non-Black hair textures. And now they’re experts? Yea right! Now everyone is doing it because they see the power of our dollar. We just have to work a lil harder to weed out the nonsense, as usual.

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  3. I actually heard that the original owners of Shea Moisture BEEN sold their business….and I heard about the shadiness of the ingredients too. So….when I found this out, I had Shea Moisture products stocked up like CRAZY so rather than waste it, I’m using it all up for the last time then I’m moving to another product brand I guess. I know that NUBIAN HERITAGE is still true to us. My sister actually knows the owners and she said they’re cool people. I know that’s skincare, but hey…it all ties in for me. Here’s some more BLACK-OWNED businesses for you, ladies:

    Nandi’s Naturals
    Cream & Coco:

    Oh, and TALIAH WAAJID is a black-owned business for hair care too.

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    1. O geez! My background checks are gonna have to be a little more extensive from now on. Thank you so much! I have only tried NH’s deodorant, which was ok, but they have so much other stuff I definitely want to try. And thank you for the mention of the other brands; I’ll check them out too.


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