change of plans


My sister and I were supposed to debut our all natural desserts this weekend at the Simmer Down Picnic, but you know. Weather. We thought we’d be up all night Friday, prepping and baking and taking turns washing dishes, but we were informed that the event was rescheduled -_- [for Sunday, September 13th if you wanna join us!] We had already kicked into overdrive, had our minds ready to take on the day and it all came to a screeching halt. Bummed for a minute, but thankful that they didn’t have us chance it knowing the weather would probably be pretty unpredictable [gloomy af]. Plus our business cards hadn’t arrived yet so it would’ve been kinda bad for business.

So instead of carrying out that women’s work or sulking, we went to the closing reception for Windows to Nowhere 2. This exhibition featured works of local artists Miya Bailey and Corey Davis + their art is pretty dope so you know I had to share.




I touched this before I saw it was priced at $2000.


my favorite by Miya Bailey
Orgasm, my favorite of Miya Bailey’s



Queen of Tears, my favorite by Corey Davis
Queen of Tears, my favorite by Corey Davis


The Notch8 Gallery is a cool space too.


I’d wanted to check out this exhibition [which was open for about a month I think], just never made the time to. And I would have missed it altogether if we’d been shaking and baking all night. So it all worked out, as things always do. We went to look at art instead of creating it, which was a nice, necessary restorative.

to see more of their work, follow and purchase:

Miya Bailey | twitter | instagram 

Corey Davis | instagram | facebook

8 thoughts on “change of plans

  1. Sorry about the weather-though my cousin got married outside this weekend and the weather was rather nice. Up in Gwinnett anyway.

    I haven’t been to an exhibition inna methinks it’s time. I loved those pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all good. Better safe than sorry, right. Now we have two extra weeks to prepare. And congrats to your cousin!

      I think it’s time for you to see an exhibition too. There’s a lot of great stuff out there.


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