one more loc + a little more shea

I’m not one to compare buuuuut Digable Planets meets Floetry meets Zhané vibes?

I just really really dig the song and visual. The young queens of Oshun are so beautiful + I love their unique, refreshing approach to music and fashion. I hope they continue blessing us with their light.

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14 thoughts on “one more loc + a little more shea

    1. I agree. And garbage is ok, but right now, there’s no balance! That’s my issue. Back in the 90s when I was growing up and listening to a lot more radio, there was variety- people talking about everything from sex to politics to romance to clothing style. Now it’s all the same and you can tell how it influences the youth.

      These sisters are a glimmer of hope for Black music. I hope they go far.

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      1. I agree that the 90s, early 2000s and back that music had variety. That’s what made it great back then. I’m glad that we still have rappers, r&b, and neo-soul artist that are out there still bringing us real music. There the GREAT BLACK HOPE, lol.

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      1. Also check out T’Nah Apex. She’s on OSHUN’s song “Gods”. Look up the video “Go” by Chelsea Reject. T’Nah is a beast! And her aesthetic is love. I’m so here for young dope black artists!

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