black every friday: get it poppin


I don’t remember how or when I discovered JXL, but, in my opinion, the brand is just so unique and fun! There is a fresh youthfulness about it-like it actually makes me smile just by the sight. JXL’s motto is “make you ears pop” [in a good way] and that’s exactly what their ear charms do.

jxl jxl2 jxl3

Supercute right?! And inexpensive. I adore their original “pixelated”designs and just added a pair to my arsenal. Don’t hate 😛

Have you ever gone so deep in someone’s timeline that you’re in a completely different realm? I mean you go from doing a little light “investigating” to creepily prowling on the person’s cousin’s hairdresser’s daughter’s page?.. yea. It’s kinda freaky, but that is how I stumbled upon Diem B Jewelry. [Won’t he do it?!??!]




Aside from the aforementioned JXL, Beads Byaree, Rachel Stewart and Peace Images, Diem B has to be one of my favorite wearable art brands created by beautiful, gifted sisters! If you’re into unique stuff, looking cool and stylish bursts of color, get them in yo life!


support Black women, shop small and buy local

{all photo cred: JXL + Diem B}

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