week 38 \\ 2015

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Artists of all realms -graphic designers, interior decorators, photographers, chefs, illustrators, fashion stylists, etc- live in our own world. Many people just aren’t going to get it. Ever. And that’s ok. Don’t let it discourage or hinder your [untapped] greatness.

5 thoughts on “week 38 \\ 2015

  1. I think all artists have something to say. It doesn’t matter what medium they use. Sometimes they do it in such away that others understand it right off. Other times it isn’t so straight forward. We may never be recognized for our work in our life time, but it is so important that we get it out there. Someday, they will get it and it was a good thing that we said it. (in our art)

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      1. You know, Kelly, I often feel that I’m the only one who thinks like that but then I hear from other people who share those same feelings. It is good that we talk about this. (it’s vital for my sanity)

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        1. It’s definitely necessary to speak on it. I know some artists get very discouraged because no one around them seems to “get it.” So they end up doing something they hate and keep their gifts boxed up. Signed suicide.

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