baby, bend ovah


I don’t practice yoga often but I do find it very effective [when I apply myself]. It’s difficult! [Although I do find peace + clarity in meditation, I’m more of a runner/cardio/let’s get this over with kinda chick when it comes to staying active.] My sister is pretty into it though, has a mat and everything- follows her favorite practicers on youtube and instagram. She gets down. The whole nine. So I got a little insight from her and some others on how to go about my current illustration series: zen like that.

To me, yoga is beautiful, challenging, relaxing and kinda sexy. I appreciate the [superhuman] women and men who make it look so easy and can testify to its affect on their mind, soul + body after years of practice. [Dare I say it’s an art form.] And I used to think it was just a means to relieve stress and lose weight/get toned[which it definitely can], but it’s SO much more; the word yoga itself is defined as union, becoming aware of your deepest nature. The practice is a means to maintain balance, heal, gain clarity and strengthen your body as well as deepen spiritual connectivity.

For further inspiration, I did an image search for ‘Black yoga’ and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice amount of results. I love to see us doing positive things-keeping our mental and physical health in check, striving to become our best selves.




I had a lot of fun with these yoga ladies. I opted for a minimalist feel where the attention goes to the focus, the skin and the pose. Please visit my site or etsy shop if you’re interested in purchasing or seeing more. And drop a comment to tell me what you think!


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