week 40 \\ 2015

Although October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, it’s crucial for us to continuously be a voice for children and for those who are too afraid, embarrassed or broken to ask for refuge + take a stand against their tormentors.

Having close personal relationships with women who have been physically, emotionally, mentally and verbally abused, I know there is no amount of support or love you can give a hollowed shell, that they need to heal from within to find peace, but that won’t stop me from speaking out on it. My solace is knowing that some toxic situations, fortunately, end with a silent victory; the victim escapes with her life, and, even if she’s in a thousand pieces, she can rebuild. What doesn’t kill you can certainly make you stronger!

Girl, you were born with a fire inside you, and this world is determined to stamp it out.

You will see it when you stand up for yourself and are told ‘it isn’t ladylike to raise your voice.’

You will hear it when you wear something that hugs your body and feel the uncomfortable sensation of being stripped naked by the eyes of men who call you names you are still too young to understand.

You will know it when a man tries to use his strength to have his way with you the first time and you need to use your fists/teeth/legs to get him off.

You will understand it when you see your mother’s eyes filled with terror because you are an hour later than you said you would be home.

But you must never ever let them take those flames from within your soul, instead, you must burn brighter than ever because you are a daughter of the sun, and you only belong to yourself, not to this world.

For Girls Who Are Filled With Fire | Nikita Gill

9 thoughts on “week 40 \\ 2015

    1. I agree. I almost lost someone very close to me as well due to violence. It is sad that in the numbers, we’re either the victim or we know the victim. That is how commonplace it is. That’s very scary.

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        1. I agree. But you really can’t help the women that don’t want to be helped. The children, of course yes. But some women-many women- take a long time before they have the strength to leave a bad situation for good.

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