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Before it got too chilly, we made a trip up to Vickery Creek Trail at Roswell Mill. It’s pretty dope! I give it five stars. It’s perfect for a fun outdoor date [lots of ‘secret’ spots to make out], a group hike or morning run [plenty of moderate trails]. As far as hiking goes, it is pretty tricky[steep as bleeep] getting down to the creek but it is sooooooo worth it! To see the spillfall dam and river from the ground up is glorious.





A lil history: Roswell, Georgia is located on the northern banks of the Chattahoochee River in an area the Cherokee Indians once called Enchanted Land. The creek was named for a mixed-blood Cherokee woman named Sharlot Vickery who lived in present-day Roswell and owned much of the land around the creek. Originally, whites were forbidden on the land that was inhabited by the Cherokees, but that law was often ignored. Before the mid 1800s, the Cherokee Nation had a centralized government complete with a constitution. The Cherokee capital at New Echota presented a problem for the State of Georgia because of an 1802 agreement with the government of the United States to remove the Cherokees within the state’s boundaries. This discomfort was further enhanced by the discovery of gold on Cherokee land. Georgia declared the Cherokee Nation illegal and took possession of their land, dividing it into counties and giving the land to white settlers through a land lottery. 

Sharlot was forced to move west with the rest of the Cherokee Nation when Georgia removed them on a forced march known today as Trail of Tears. The creek name, which settlers called “Big Creek,” is Sharlot’s lasting legacy. {sources: visitroswellga.com | wikipedia | mosaicga.com}


Please take a gander if you’re ever in the area [if the weather is nice]. It’s definitely one of my new favorite spots in Georgia and is almost as nice as the beach. Almost.

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  1. My gradmother on my father’s side was Cherokee. I was raised in central Louisiana. Now living south of Birmingham. Its nice to know you are close.

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  2. Wow all the history adds to these beautiful photos you shared. Maybe one day I will get to see it for myself. For now I’ll have to live through these pictures 🙂

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