Black Every Friday: blink


what is it?

blink” (= black+link). A photo/video sharing Instagram-like social media app linking Black Culture. 
Blink is the key for creating and elevating awareness of Black-owned businesses.  Building our own network. An essential component of empowering our culture.


Social media is a great tool. It provides news, entertainment, sports updates even education. The most important aspect of social media is the ability to unite us.  Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter monitor us, delete our posts, and are capable of locking us out at anytime and even shut our accounts down, getting us out of sync. It’s essential we remain connected in these times.  For this to happen we need our own platform. [info via]

I heard about Blink maybe a year ago? I thought to myself, what a great idea. I hope they get it together. You know how people, especially the youngins, can’t stay off their phones for more than ten minutes so I think, no actually I KNOW this would be an amazing tool for us. Instead of retweeting silly memes, posting workflow selfies or sharing the latest celebrity gossip all hours of the day, we could utilize social media for good. [I love silly memes and taking selfies, btw, but we’re kinda in dire need of a major economic shift.]

Blink would make it easier to locate, interact with and spend our money on businesses that are Black-owned and Black-operated. Therefore the money comes back to us, in our communities. No more of that rich getting richer while the poor gets poorer. [Not that we’re always in poor communities, but you catch my drift.]This is the perfect outlet for those of us who are serious about making some waves for our people. The love and unity of marches and rallies are a beautiful sight to behold, but what have they amended lately? If you have been wondering how you can contribute to a real game changer and make a positive impact in the Black community, this is one way.

With just a few weeks left in the campaign, Blink is more than halfway to its funding goal! We all know money talks, so donate if you can. If not, please help spread the word.

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[photo cred:npr]

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