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I was inspired to start my Black Every Friday posts just after the last holiday season. Dubbed super consumersBlack people spend a ridiculous amount of money every year yet only a minuscule percentage of that is spent on Black-owned brands or stores. [This is partly why we’re still in the situation we’re in.] Sadly, I’m pretty certain that I used to be one of those super consumers. But I recognized the problem and have taken some huge leaps in my spending habits to become a much more conscious shopper, always asking myself:

  • Can I get this product or service in my neighborhood?
  • Does the company that I am about to do business with or spend time with hire people that look like me?
  • Do I see positive images of myself in the content or the advertising of these companies?
  • Does the company actually support causes that are important to my community?
  • If any of those first four questions had a no, are you still going to spend your time or your money with that company? [via newsone]

Over time, Black Every Friday has evolved into much more, but my initial goal was to shop smarter, save money, support + shed light on smaller companies that get overlooked by those widely popular, big box stores. [You know, the ones with all the air time and ad takeover in the sales papers that open at 4am or don’t even close for Thanksgiving..] We only make the rich richer by continuously purchasing from these million and billion dollar companies. [It’s very telling when a store doesn’t even close for a major holiday, even if it is built off some Amerikkkan bullshit fantasy story.] Regardless of if their employees celebrate it or not, this would otherwise be an extra, well-deserved day or hours off instead of taking on the stress of crazy, desperate sheep that think they’re getting a deal. Time that’d be better spent relaxing with the family or binge watching some shows + movies on your Netflix list.

But buying Black and shopping small equates to supporting your neighbor, a distant cousin, a friend of a friend- people working hard everyday to hone their gifts and live their dreams. The go-getters who hope to change the world for the better, even if it’s just a little. Folks just like you. Not a lazy, greedy, heartless puppet master who sleeps on a bed made of money in his third mansion on a private island.


If you’re all the way down for the cause and are completely boycotting Black Friday and Christmas/Christmas shopping, right on! This is how you do it! Instead of freezing your face off camping out like a loser for that 96″ flat screen, hit em where it hurts! [Which, if you don’t know, is their pockets.]

But if you do have a few names on your nice list, I’ve created a short directory of awesome, Black-owned places to shop online for gifts without having to give into the unnecessary hype that is Black Friday:


Cali Bakers

It’s Poppin’ Vintage

The Wylde Life

Halls of Art



Love Cortnie


T. Tarice



Honey Bee Goods [+candles]

Asim Supreme Products [Support this brother!]

Astrida Naturals


Abiyah Naturals




Little Urban Tea

Delectable Candy Creations



for long-term partnerships: I Got You

for a cool kid: Full, Full, Full of Love, Happy Hair, Naturally Me!

for the poetry lovers: Word

for the fiction fiend: The Town Dance

for the doodler: Color My Fro

not really small or unknown, but anything by Amos N. Wilson



by yours truly!

Tabitha Brown

Brianna McCarthy


and a few more..just so there’s no excuses.

Clearly my gift-giving motto for the holiday season is shop small or don’t shop at all! These brands and stores may or may not have Black Friday or Small Business Saturday deals, but I’d still give them a gander throughout the year [because all their stuff is amazing]. Even though there are plenty of things I want, I will be spending $0.00 on Black Friday. And I have everything I need so, instead, I plan on just giving thanks to that.

14 thoughts on “Black Every Friday

  1. omg i love this…i never even heard of some of these places…I never really was into black friday…it just seemed idiotic to me…and i never seemed to have any money for…hell but if i did i would definitely want to make sure i was supporting my own people. who else would do it, ya know?? I am going to share this on my blog like on Wednesday..just wnated to let you know that i was gonna steal it (giving credit to you of course) lol

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    1. Black Friday is a COMPLETE mess. I wholeheartedly agree that we HAVE to support our own. If each and every one of us spent our money on Black brands and shops as often as possible, it would really make an impact.

      And of course, thank you! Spread the word.

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  2. if black folks stopped giving their money to non blacks for one day, no, one week, the whole financial system would crumble, we need to understand that we are the fuel that white society runs on, we are the blood bags these vampires feed on

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  3. Brilliant post. I think it’s wonderful because you actually give people the names of places to shop so they can make a difference. Most people talk but fail to give resources. This is great. And I agree with you on every point, especially about the big box stores. It’s a BUY NOTHING DAY for me.

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      1. I agree. I don’t like to be around all the people fighting for STUFF. I wish they would have that hunger and passion for EQUALITY, the end of violence against women and children, the end to war, and the right to live in peace. Can’t get two people to stand in the street with a sign but they’ll do anything for stuff. I don’t get that.

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  4. *claps* I am with you 100% I think our community really could change our circumstance heavily if we used our economic power to support our own

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