week 49 \\ 2015: Livin’

He does whatever he wants and carelessly spreads his seeds
Tumbleweed the way he rolls around bed to bed, town to town as he please
But he don’t care, kids here kids there kids everywhere, animalistic breeding is in season
He thinks he’s on TOP, he ain’t gonna ever stop…and think to think he has no reason

Look at him, he’s the man, he got it goin on, he’s that guy with all those women runnin after him…
Givin no real value to the lives he’s bringing in…this world…and he really thinks he livin’

She is content when she gets her ends from the men
The different baby daddies that fathered her different children and
even though she’s left building up the kids’ home all alone
She picks up that phone no matter where the men roam, for the money for the school clothes…for the Air Jordans…for the Nike Foams

Her kids get to floss, she thinks she’s a boss…not giving a damn about the costs of a family spent from being bought
The men are forgiven for the wrongs done on her kids…and as long as she’s spendin’ with the little they givin’…she livin’

He sees his momma struggle and fight to keep the ship tight
but he thinks she’s supposed to do it, ain’t nothin to it, she’ll be alright
She just has herself cuz she don’t need no help
When WIC is their health and food stamps are their wealth

When the tumbleweed’s seed grows a tumbleweed tree
The cycle continues, what a sight it is to see
Oh the plight it is to be the seed falling down beneath
You can’t help but ask yourself…are you livin’ when you breathe?

Livin’ by Kiara Shanay
artwork by Mike Alim Nixon

15 thoughts on “week 49 \\ 2015: Livin’

  1. This was powerful yet very sobering. Way too many fatherless kids running around. We need to be there to give them guidance and love. This vicious cycle has to END, It’s destroying the black family unit.

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  2. It’s a harsh reality but it was a great poem.
    Side Note: I am so ecstatic at the moment. Clicked on the Mike Alim Nixon link, then scrolled through his page only to find out that the director of Creed and Fruitvale Station is a young black man by the name of Ryan Coogler! Maybe I’m late on finding out about him but I always learn something new when I come to your site. Thank you for consistently bringing that fire!

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    1. Isn’t that amazing?! I love to see my people doing great things! He’s already made his mark in a great way.

      I appreciate you. As always, thank you for READING 😉


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