Black Every Friday

I hate to admit that I watched a tiny bit of local news this week. I saw plenty of coverage of the Planned Parenthood “shooter”, the San Bernadino “attacks” and the Chicago protests….. but NOTHING in regards to the case of the inhuman Daniel Holtzclaw. Not a peep.

In short, Holtzclaw is/was a POLICE OFFICER who RAPED AND ABUSED SEVERAL BLACK WOMEN all while ON DUTY. I believe he did it because 1). he’s a sick fuck, and 2). he knew he’d probably get away with it.

This case got me deep into my dormant volcano mood; I have yet to read or hear the entire story because it’s pretty disgusting and painful. I just hate that our bodies, Black bodies, are constantly disregarded. Let’s be real, if this were several white women, Holtzclaw would probably be on death row right about now. Nancy Grace would be working double shifts to chew up this monster. I don’t trust or expect much from mainstream media, but with the obvious lack of coverage, it’s just very disheartening [and often overwhelming] to be reminded that the safety and well-being of my people doesn’t matter.

Where are all those feminists when you need em?

Where’s Al at? Jesse Jackson? Tito? Anybody?


My solace? He was convicted last night. Hopefully he’ll get ass raped everyday for the rest of his days.

Are/Were you following this case?

15 thoughts on “Black Every Friday

  1. I saw little coverage about it on Yahoo news but never on the actual news. I mean I’ve seen his face once and the article I read was not as nearly long as other articles I’ve read. It is just sad how we have to still fight for our rights as people all lives matters, unfortunately black lives are the lives that are being targeted more than any race now.

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    1. Exactly, Nicole. And nobody is talking about it. We shouldn’t have to dig and search for outrageous cases like this. We are still being disproportionately targeted and cast aside. At the same damn time.

      Thanks for your comment.


    1. I cannot speak for the poor white women, nor do I attempt to. This wouldn’t even be a blog post if the victims were not Black. I only make such statements because these are my sisters; I am them; they are me. And I know what it’s like to feel small and helpless and invisible in a white world. And I speak my truth for those who can’t.

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  2. I have been following this case. And I was hoping this mutant looking creature got the death penalty. He deserves the gas chamber of the firing squad. He should be tied up and have his penis cut off! Then set his ass on FIRE!!! How dare this low life maggot to this to my sistas! And then this maggot wants to cry like a little baby!lol Not so tough now are you?lol They really kept this case under the radar. The mainstream media doesn’t give a damn about black life. And they certainly don’t care if you’re a poor black female. We can NO longer stand for this. Malcolm X said any man put his hands on our women should receive DEATH. And I agree with him. My heart goes out to all the sistas he abused. Dry your tears…this racist coward will get what’s coming to him.

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      1. You know how they do things. The racist media keeps these stories under the radar on purpose. And this sick bastard thought he would get away with it. He knows in Amerikkka only “white lives matter”. But he got a wake up call!lol I hope he dies a slow death. I wont shed a tear at all. Abusing my sistas like that! Just a devil!!

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        1. Yes! And he did get away with it for some time. What really bothers me is knowing that he’s one of many corrupt, cowardly cops; his story is not unique except for the fact that he got caught and was punished. Just like priests and politicians, they hide behind a title so they can do the dirtiest of the dirt.

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