week 02 || 2016


If there’s one thing I’ve learned
One thing that seems to be true
If there’s one thing that keeps my heart beating
If there’s one thing that keeps my mind at peace
It’s that love is not about being together forever
It’s about just loving someone when you have the chance
When you’re that lucky to share such a passionate feeling with another human being
If you love someone today
You should let it be known to them
Let it be known in your loudest tone
Because you never know where you will stand a year from now
Life has so many different paths
We cannot predict a perfect future where everything goes our way
So if you love someone today
Let it be known to them in the quietest of nights
‘Cause you never know where life will take them tomorrow


I’m sure this was written with couples in mind, but I think this applies to any relationships you wish to maintain. You know those times when you hold your tongue or backpedal or stop yourself from making a certain move for fear of looking weak or just being afraid? Say it! Apologize. Say I love you. Stop being so damn cool and surprise them. Do it! Because you. Never. Know.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye, but regret can last a lifetime.

photo cred: pinterest

6 thoughts on “week 02 || 2016

  1. The amount of relationships that fail because of stubbornness is ridiculous.
    I am truly of the mind that you say sorry, you say I love you, you just say SOMETHING because no point of view or hurt feeling is big enough to ruin the relationship with the one you truly love.

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