Black on Black Love


There is a beauty in Black relationships that is not discussed nearly enough. We keep allowing exceptions to be seen as our rules. –@BeRealBlack4Me via twitter

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13 thoughts on “Black on Black Love

    1. Minus the quotations, I agree. And you can’t help to who you’re attracted; if it’s real, it’s vibes over appearances.

      Dunno how your response and the quotes above relate, but thank you for your comment.

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      1. Oh crap, I apologize kelley. That should read “love” and I use the term in pure definition. “Love” is a soul thing. Souls intertwine and transcend the everyday. Love is more then mere physical attraction. Golly, I wax philosophical..

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        1. Hhaha I definitely agree! Vibes over appearances all day, everyday. Love, in the lovely-dovey sense, is so much more than a pretty face or nice body. A real connection goes far beyond the surface.

          I still don’t see the need for the quotations in this context if you are speaking on love and not the idea of it or what people mistake for love. Maybe I need a lesson in the use of them.


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