week 05 || 2016: Me + Angela

The Black woman is not being taken seriously and we have the men in the media, entertainment business and ourselves to blame. We as Black women must make the decision to choose how we are seen in the world. -Angela Davis


I know I point the finger a lot {for good reason}, but we have to take some responsibility for our current situation. Yes, many things are out of our control, but just like an actress can turn down a role, we can turn down every opportunity to engage in activities that do not serve our betterment. This can be anything from simply not watching or listening to “reality” shows, movies, radio, music videos or tv dramas that solely portray us as animalistic, violent, sexual deviants or materialistic. Purchasing from Black-owned businesses that improve our well-being with employees and customers that look like us. We can ever so eloquently kill a conversation that slanders our character, enlighten someone to our plight, give constructive criticism to those we know do not know better.

Stand up for one another.

Learn about our history and share the knowledge.

We can offer more than our bodies when hoping for a man’s heart in return.

We can stop showing up for people who do not show up for us.

Learn to be more honest, kind and patient with ourselves.

We can use our energies to come together peacefully and build strong communities, something bigger than us and our time here.

We can stop calling each other bitch and stop answering to it.

Stop trying to build relationships solely from physical attraction. Please.

Practice some discernment with whomever you allow in your space..and inside your space, if you know what I mean.

Sisters, take that necessary time to self-preserve by eating right, staying active, reflecting, meditating  and resting. How can we truly love and help others when we can’t do the same for ourselves?

These are just a few I thought up, but the simple changes for our progress [as a whole] are limitless. We have so much untapped power that has been confused, buried with dirt and whitewashed. But it’s still there. And the world won’t have a choice but to shift once we start choosing better.

17 thoughts on “week 05 || 2016: Me + Angela

  1. Yes, yes, yes! As I read this, in the back of my mind I was hearing a slow hum of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” – my anthem for the year. We are our choices and not having good ones is like flushing ourselves down the drain. We shine, we shine, we shine when WE CHOOSE to.

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  2. So right! What is painful though is that in some cases, when a mind has been so set to function a certain way (e.g. Lack of self value, discernment etc), it becomes the norm that unless you want to or have a shock meeting with reality you truly truly believe that how you are is the right way to be!! I just hope for all my fellow sisters that as others are or become more enlightened; as we embrace the queens we are, we also help others around us to see their worth and unlearn what has been ingrained as the norm. As we birth queens as well let us raise them right!

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    1. You said it. It is deeply engrained in many of us to act the way we do and see it as normal, just the way it is. Some of us can’t and won’t allow change, but there are many of us who recognize the issues and can easily adjust, inspiring others in the process.
      That’s all I ask- not to be perfect or expect perfection, but to recognize the beauty and power in yourself and inspire other queens to do the same.

      Sincere thanks for tuning in!

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  3. I’m gad that you said it and said it very well. Because somehow if a man (myself) tells a woman the very same thing about women having responsibility as well, he’s somehow seen as sexist. Soooo let me get this straight. All of the things that I say about men and to men about the things that we should be taken care of, am I being sexist towards men as well? Lol don’t mind me I’m just venting on your comment section about a past conversation I had with someone. But thanks for dropping this powerful post.

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    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for tuning in and your comment.

      I don’t know the exact definition of sexism and I’m not gonna look it up cuz I know you can do that. But from what I do know, just like any other -ism, sexism is when you think/feel you’re superior to your opposite, and, therefore, should receive better pay, better opportunities, that your opinion matters more, etc. than the other sex.

      Recognizing issues, speaking on them and taking responsibility, by my definition, does not equate sexism.

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! This is my mindset completely; most of the time we have to work on ourselves and change what is within and then maybe the rest of the world will get it. One of the big things is supporting ourselves and our people, I know for me, living in a city that doesn’t have too many options when it comes to supporting black businesses doesn’t help.

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    1. Thank you!

      I know in certain areas and cities you can’t buy everything you need from Black-owned businesses, especially if we’re talking necessities like food + hygiene products which isn’t always smart or cost-efficient to order online.

      But the goal is to do what we can with where we are.


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