Black on Black Love

I’m not going to post the link, but that familiar, catchy beat is the same of that cringeworthy Chris Brown song. How people can actually listen to the entire track is beyond me. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking to myself: no no no no no, self, this could not be a real song! But, sadly it is. And a real popular song at that. 

{sidenote: how can a ho be loyal? I mean isn’t loyalty pretty much the opposite of promiscuity/being a ho? Or was he speaking of professional prostitutes that should solely work for him…………………….?}

Anyway, I really love how these brothers flipped that track 180° to say something beautiful, uplifting and positive! It’s sliiightly cheesy…but I love cheesy! It’s endearing. [And delicious.] You will never hear anything like this on mainstream radio because it’s current hip hop that doesn’t involve violence, drug usage, frivolous spending, silly dance directions, inaudible mumbling, degradation, sex or materialism. What a bore! And you know the puppet masters can’t let us hear our brothers speak of us and to us in such high regard! But luckily I’m here and I don’t mind sharing. I hope this put a smile on your face.

Respect. More songs like this, please. ❤

14 thoughts on “Black on Black Love

  1. It me a little cheesy but I love it! We need more songs like. It’s nice to see brothers uplifting the sistas like this. In my mind this is normal behavior and we should have this mentality all the time. And it’s better than Chris Brown’s version for sure!lol

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  2. It is a tad bit cheesy Kelley. I always wonder why uplifting songs end up sounding a bit corny? Not sure how old you are, but they didn’t in the 80s…Anywho, I also meant to ask your opinion about Formation…thought for sure I’d see a post from you about it.

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    1. Thanks for chiming in. I always love my uplifting songs with extra corn and cheese. Mmm!

      To keep it short: I’m so over the Formation hype already and it’s only been a week!
      In my mind, Beyoncé is a very talented, beautiful woman. But she’s an entertainer. A huge entertainer. She is paid to do and say everything we see and hear from her, just like most huge celebrities. Therefore, she is a puppet that cannot be trusted to ever be her authentic self. Plus the song ain’t shit without the video….. but if it’s coming from an honest place, kudos! I’m all for it. Time will tell if it’s genuine or not. But I don’t think it is because the folks that control the media,
      the Super Bowl, what songs and videos get highly circulated wouldn’t allow this without some type of agenda.

      I’m not falling for it. Why now? She’s had this huge platform for a minute and hasn’t used it for much good. Plus, what Black woman wants to be Bill Gates? I don’t care how much money he has because he’s for population control and is well-known to fund manmade diseases to push this plan. She could have easily slipped in Mansa Musa or Folorunsho Alakija instead, but I guess Bill Gates just sounded catchier.

      Overall, it’s a “no” from me. We need to stop always looking to celebrities make waves and speak for us little people in the real world. They’re not gods.

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      1. I knew you’d give me a “real” answer. I understand the whole consumerism perspective. I know, technically that she’s part of the so-called problem, but I think it’s appropriate for her audience and it’s edgy for her, ya know? So, for example, she’ll never gain the respect of somebody like a Hotep, but for some little girl who’s idolizing her and hating herself? Well, it just might work.

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      2. And why did all of her dancers have their god-given crown EXCEPT hair. Imagine what it would do for our young princesses if she wore her natural hair.

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          1. LOL. That’s hilarious but so true. I didn’t care to watch the super bowl but I did just so that I could build with one of my brothers that I haven’t seen in a while. There was this women there, I mean grown woman anywhere between 28 to 33 who was obsessed with Beyonce and she didn’t mind telling us about her obsession. I-I-I-I’m stuttering trying to write this because I was at a lost for words. I’m thinking to myself is she serious but her and SOOOOOO many other people are serious about their infatuation with Beyonce. I don’t understand. Maybe it’s not meant for me to understand.

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          2. With any celebrity really, I don’t get it. A fan, sure. But obsessed? Nah. That’s silly. But they have been programmed to obsess because they put her everywhere and make her into more than what she is. I’ve seen her and Jay-Z pictured on seven day sanctuary candles!

            I had a friend call + wake me up when she dropped that album in the middle of the night a couple years back. It’s crazy! I really don’t see the appeal, but, like you, it just may not be for me to understand.

            I’m keeping my prayers up tho!


  3. Love the message but why the light skin brotha had to be the one singing? lol They thought he’d naturally be a Chris Brown? Okay let me stop cracking jokes… it did make me smile and bop a bit. I hope there is more and more diversity within mainstream hip hop, r&b and pop like back in the 90s, soon.

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