When a man tells a Black woman that she looks mixed as a form of endearment, he is insinuating that her beauty comes from the (allegedly) non-Black part of her. All they’re effectively saying is: You’re too beautiful to just be Black. Oh, but I am. We aren’t beautiful in spite of our Blackness; we […]

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Dodging Bullets Named James*

Have you ever had a close friend that you were attracted to but never acted upon it? When your heart was crushed by another, he helped mend it with understanding and laughter. You got close, included him in your family functions, Netflix + chilled, gotten drunk together-all without a kiss or cuddle or feel up? […]

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Strange fruit now covering the streets

Juice bleeding black, dropping at my feet

Black bodies dropping with each new day

Quickly becoming the amerikkkan way

Blatant bleaching of the stars & stripes

Profiles to fit all stereotypes

Cries for justice fall on deaf ears

We be the victims of their fears

Here is the fruit to swallow whole

To satisfy desire, to consume souls

To taste sweet malice, to savor spite

Here is a strange & bitter delight

Randi Gloss

inspired by Strange Fruit, 1939

photo: Lawrence Beitler, 1930

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week 09 || 2016

side tattyou are a woman. so full of life. learn more about yourself. do not wait for anyone. for any man to promise you forever. to carry your blood. to call you beautiful. you are woman. you are magic. you wear enough pain. you bleed enough. you should already know who you are before the arrival of any man in your life. {©karen owusu}

{photo cred: Ashley Brielle, pinterest}

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