The disregard for brown bodies is ever evident worldwide. But is it our fault that mainstream media cleverly picks + chooses which person we should be mourning at any given moment with an onslaught of their face and story plastered on every news site, show and station? By the end of the day, we feel like we know her, as if we grew up together and she is now gone. Too soon.

But what if the powers the be did make it their job to share actual news? There are channels dedicated to reporting news. All day. So why not? And instead of Nancy Grace using her entire shift to highlight the disappearance of one little girl, she used her huge platform to take a few minutes to mention each missing person that was reported that day? I know this is unrealistic as Black people alone are about 1/3 of the  reported [and unreported] missing persons in the U.S. But if what if more attention was given to their stories? What if we could easily recognize the names + faces of the abducted and lost?

Would it make a difference?


by Chimene Suleyman As a child, I watched family members laid to rest with nothing but a sheet of white cloth around their bodies. We go to the earth as we come from it — naked and equal. Only, the imposed hierarchy from ones birth may impact greatly on the manner in which we receive […]

via There is an epidemic of missing women and girls of colour in the UK — Media Diversified

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  1. Actually, Kelley, there was a blog that I followed on WP that put the faces of the missing out every day. I was horrified at how many people were there. They don’t seem to be so active at the moment.

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  2. We should have our own media highlighting our missing and slain. Its evident by now that TPTB won’t do it cause they don’t care.

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