Black Love Matters

Remember when Musiq Soulchild was a rapper? Nah.. me neither.

They have been playing the heck out of his latest new single down here in GA, so I finally peeped the video and had to share. I love that I can always recognize his poetic, soulful sound. And, from what I can recall, he has always been an advocate for Black love in every one of his videos.

I do.. love this. Simple yet effective.

As a true fan boasting each of his albums in my collection, I was overcome with sadness when I found out that after being in the industry for like a decade, Musiq attempted to switch up his signature style due to his perception of mainstream music being more hip-hop focused at the time. [I believe he addresses this in his new track Alive and Well. Ryan Leslie also made this same move and it was horrifying, in my opinion. He’s an r+b singer, too, btw. And a great musician.] I am all for growth, but it’s just weird! Especially for an established artist with a loyal, healthy fanbase.

I don’t know who talked Musiq Soulchild into staying true to himself, but I am thankful.

View the official video for I Do here + download the new album.

More visuals like this, please!

13 thoughts on “Black Love Matters

  1. lmaooooooooo @ nah me either….omg i remember that too..he went at it with charlamagne on the radio…he sounded like a hot mess. I was so scared that he had already lost himself, but i am glad he found his way back. Everyone loves Musiq, he is the truth and he always had some dark skinned, natural sistas in his videos, and i loved that.

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    1. YES! I missed that interview and I could never bring myself to listen to his “rap” songs because I just love him so much! But I agree with you; he’s the truth and we need artists like him who love us and shines a positive light on our relationships.

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  2. This album is definitely back to being the Musiq we all love… sometimes we have to step outside the box to realize that was the best place for us…’I Do’ is one of my favorites on this one for sure

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