Black Blue

Your skin, the perfect shade of perfect I like it when it glistens in the sun too But I love it When its that dark black blue hue but do you love your black blue too? They called you black and all the other kids laughed and made you feel inferior but the joke is […]

via Black Blue — theblackertheberry

5 thoughts on “Black Blue

  1. And another thing about the lovely, wonderful Black skin of ours, the moon and the sun love our beautiful Black skin! Melanin? I love it! I want my ‘love’ to be the truest Black, possible!

    Thank you for posting this Kelley! It is deep and true, just like Black skin!

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      1. That is so true Kelley because that is why I was able to sit out on the 4th of July from sun up to waaay past sun down because I’ve got skin that the sun just absolutely adores!

        Again, thank you for this! And ain’t nothing better than Black on Black love! Have mercy!

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