destiny owosu

“they are afraid a woman can be

this free.

this soft.

this strong.

this color. “

-ijeoma umebinyuo

[photo: destiny owosu]

12 thoughts on “fear

  1. I love this because I relate to it so well. I too am afraid of Black women. She one of the most powerful forces in all of our lives. She has the ability to make you feel100 feet tall or make you small enough to fall through cracks in the floor. She is home when your good and cold as winter when you ain’t. She the bringer of all things good or the maker of all things bad. Open arms will disappear quicker than money if she is not treated in kind. I love this woman and she is mine.

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  2. And there is no beauty, more beautiful than a Black woman’s beauty! It would seem that in her strength, lies her beauty, as well because in spite of everything that is thrown at her, she does not age, nor does her beauty lessen, she glows from her inner light of purity!

    Thank you for posting this Kelley! I love it!

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