Olympic Games of Exclusion [a reblog]

I asked a friend to travel with me to Brazil for the Olympics this summer. I don’t know why it didn’t work out.. maybe lack of proper planning? The stars never aligned? Anywho, I’m glad we won’t be there. Don’t even think I can watch the events anymore after reading that much of the press documenting the games are being housed on sacred land.. then this:

by Felipe Araujo If there was ever a microcosm for the unfair struggle between everyday citizens and huge corporate interests (including a repressive state) then Rio de Janeiro’s Vila Autódromo neighbourhood might just be it. The impoverished community, which has been fighting eviction for years, sits right alongside the Olympic Park. People here have been […]

via Dispatch from Rio: These are the Games of Exclusion — Media Diversified

8 thoughts on “Olympic Games of Exclusion [a reblog]

  1. I’m glad you’re not there Kelley. These games are always FIXED. You don’t see real competition by serious athletes. Some real athletes will be there only to have their hopes dashed by the FIX.

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