Too Broke To Vote


I thought this video was worth a post on its own. Again, I am not telling ANYONE to vote OR not to vote. What I’m saying is IF we sincerely want to solve our problems as black people within a white supremacist system, we will have to LOOK OUTSIDE THAT SYSTEM for solutions. And WE […]

via Nick Cannon – Too Broke To Vote — Racism Is White Supremacy

15 thoughts on “Too Broke To Vote

  1. wow, his words were very powerful…they want us to feel as if we are doing something, making a change, and honestly it doesnt matter, because they will choose who THEY want anyway, so it really doesnt matter

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      1. Like a line in one of my son’s books ‘good question! But nobody had a good suggestion’ I vote and do what i can to raise awareness of issues I believe matter, but I also view politics as an illusion in the grander scheme of things. What does the TPP matter if I’m not nice to my neighbours? I believe the best way to effect change is to do it in your community. Create the world you want to see on a micro scale rather than dismissing any course of action or throwing up suggestions that are pie in the sky. Ok, maybe unfair to say that- we need pie in the sky thinking, but that is not enough.

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        1. True. I think we get overwhelmed with thinking that the little movements don’t make an impact-that the only ideas that make a difference will affect most of the population. So that keeps us from making any movement at all. But if everyone did their part, I think that’d be enough.

          Thanks for your honest feedback.

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  2. I don’t think that voting for the president does anything. But if you’re going to vote or not do whatever it is that you please. I heard a while back, “Left or right wing… They’re both wings on the SAME bird!
    I believe in building our own system but until we do so, we should read and know the laws that are in place. Pocket sized constitutions are everywhere.We need to get more involved in our neighborhood’s politics. Go to local council and board meetings. See what policies are affecting our neighborhoods. If we start from the ground up and work our way to having people placed in the electoral college then and only then will our votes matter.

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