week 41 || 2016: Don’t Settle

It can be very hard to meet someone who truly gets you. Someone who embraces your quirks. Many are attracted to the physical but will not take the time to know and actually understand you. Relationships these days don’t seem to last because what you find is, you have two people who find each other […]

via Don’t Settle. You deserve butterflies  — Breathe Think Write Release

4 thoughts on “week 41 || 2016: Don’t Settle

  1. yassssssssssssss relationships sure do not last these days. Everyone is falling in love with facades. everyone fronts and everything is a lie, no one is being themselves and keeping it real these days…smdh

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    1. You. Ain’t. Neva. Lie.

      I don’t date women, but men act like you have to be perfect! Put up with their nonsense but you better not get mad or call them out or remind them of your standards. Just so… lazy. No effort anymore, just me me me me me!

      Ok, I’m done. Thanks for your spot on comment!

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    2. This is nothing but the TRUTH. And then we have the audacity to be upset when our partners don’t vibe with the REAL us (or vice versa). How can you fault someone for not wanting to be with a person they don’t recognize? In short – YES honey, yes! lol

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