week 42 || 2016

It behooves us not…

via The crime of envy… — ShunPwrites

6 thoughts on “week 42 || 2016

  1. That is the reason why I wrote Are you Dedicated. People talk in an envious manner about other peoples’ accomplishments and how they are going to go after their goals, but in reality they don’t really want to put in the same hard work and struggle that the person went through to get there. They want the microwave solution.

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    1. Exactly. Same with relationships; everybody wants the positive result without realizing the effort and obstacles it took to get there. And even when you get “there”, you have to keep working.

      Thanks so much for the spot on comment!

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  2. This was profound Kelley! We always pick and choose the good pieces to focus on – negating the fact that there was a struggle to get there that we aren’t itching to take on. Thanks for sharing!

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