Social Criminal Defense Attorneys [a reblog]

There are several things I loathe about Facebook. Firstly, that it has become an alternate form of reality, where people can craft and control their public perception in contradiction of their truth selves. The time people spend contriving their facade via Facebook is akin to the time politicians spend campaigning to convince us to vote for them. Have you […]

via Social Criminal Defense Attorneys — The Medici Files

5 thoughts on “Social Criminal Defense Attorneys [a reblog]

      1. I had gotten rid of Facebook a long while ago and only recently got back on to push the website. One of my biggest gripes about it is that people, Black people, cry about oppression but will support a site ran by Jews (who oppress them) but not one ran by their brother a black man who is trying to lift them up. Ugh! But I digress.

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