week 44 || 2016: Blogging Over Everything!

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. And one thing has become pretty obvious. The blogging community is not only different than social media, but it is also better. Here’s why: Bloggers are readers. Most writers are. I’m willing to bet almost anything that no matter how many WordPress bloggers you […]

via Three Reasons the Blogging Community is better than Social Media — K E Garland

9 thoughts on “week 44 || 2016: Blogging Over Everything!

  1. Say whaaaat??? I can’t believe I’ve made it to your blog! I’m so very serious Kelley! Thanks so much for the re-blog. You know I value you, your blog and your opinion. Thanks again chickadee! Separate note…did your book come?

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    1. I appreciate you! And your writing. And you tuning in. And your wisdom. This post summed up my thoughts perfectly so I had to share.

      My book did come. I heard it’s a quick read but I have just been emotionally all over the place and haven’t been able to sit still and concentrate. But you will definitely get my review soon!

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        1. Again, that means so much to me! I aim to inspire and can only hope that my words and the words of others that I share resonate with someone, make them think or teaches.

          You are so very welcome and thank you!

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