Dear Young Black Men

Dear young Black men,

Don’t be afraid to shine! Dimming your light just to appeal to others is an insult to self. Be who YOU are. If you’re smart, don’t play dumb just to fit in. If you have a special talent, don’t be afraid to show it off. If you’re considered a nerd, OWN it! intelligence is what many people wish they had. Stand tall with your head held high. Self-confidence is an attractive quality to have. People may talk about you, tease you, or even try to discourage you, but don’t you EVER quit or doubt yourself. Be brave! Be authentic! Be comfortable in your own skin! Your life has purpose and YOU matter. –Stephanie Lahart


14 thoughts on “Dear Young Black Men

  1. Why just Black Men?
    Such true words of wisdom but in my opinion, one doesn´t have to reduce those magnificent words to only fit in with black men. What about the rest of the planet who are not black men?
    Victimhood is sadly, a sign of the times, but such great, inspiring words can help ALL individuals whatever their caste, colour or sex.
    Thank you for posting and kind regards. 🙂


    1. Maybe because they’re the ones often overlooked in the classroom because teachers think they only cause trouble and won’t be much of an asset to society. Maybe because they are more susceptible to be gunned down by a classmate, neighbor or cop. Maybe because Black boys are taught to be hyper masculine, that being kind and smart isn’t cool.

      That is what the author chose to title her open letter. I’m thinking probably because she can see and feel the isolation that Black boys endure just because they’re Black. Like her, I cannot relate to any other group so deeply. I do not expect a white, Venezuelan, Chinese, or Sri Lankan author to relate or tell our stories, so why should she attempt to tell theirs?

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      1. Although we in Europe obviously also have our problems I am particularly glad that I did not grow up, and live, in the United States. I think my words will be lost here because I do believe we create our own world – although difficult, we do not have to go along with what society believes is correct.
        Education is so important and it seems the true meaning of the word “respect” is totally overlooked and misused in our “modern” societies.
        There doesn´t appear to be any “civilised” societies because where ever one lives, there always seems to be someone, somewhere, out to get you whether out of fear, jealousy or simply because of possesing a stone-age mentality. Thank you for your reply.


        1. I’m tired of comments and people like you, whenever something is for black people you come and pipe up with why just black people, where are you when you have movies about ancient Egypt with a leading all white cast, where are you when you have magazines and media titled for everyone, yet there isn’t a black face in it, why don’t you pipe up to the white people and say why just white people? If people were all treated fairly we wouldn’t need this, but since we’re not and black men are seen as criminals and sexual predators, by a race of people with a history of being just that, we need to make it for black men, it seems I only hear from people like you when black men is used in a positive manner, are you the same when the title black men is used in a negative manner? Oh and another thing. I’m from Europe and in Europe there is a serious problem with racism, let’s not pretend it’s just in the US, name a country in Europe and I’ll explain the racism there.

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          1. I appreciate the efforts, love, but just continue to do what you do. You see I had nothing in response to his deflection because it is a waste of energy. Some outsiders really do feel for us and are curious, but most are just really good at deflecting and causing confusion. I know it is frustrating, but they will never understand. So why bother?

            Continue to do you, building and connecting with people that get it. Thanks for your comment + tuning in.

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          2. I`m sorry you seem to have a chip on your shoulder and that you have totally misunderstood my message. Racism is sadly, part of the human race´s development and you should know better because you act racist yourself in what you write. You do not need to reply to my message because there obviously isn´t an inkling of respect and grounds with which to constructively communicate with one another. I wish you all the best.


          3. Chip on my shoulder? That’s original, that’s right up there with get over it. No, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I have a boulder on both. The only racist person is you, you’re not fooling anyone. I hit the nail on the head with every one of points and you couldn’t answer, don’t try me. I was raised by and around people like you. Oh, which according to the white way of thinking means I can’t be racist, because I don’t just have white friends I have white family. Sorry Kelley I had to do it. Peace.


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