week 47 // 2016: flaws aren’t real


One of our biggest mistakes as a culture is accepting that we have flaws. We, indeed, do not have flaws. We have differences. We have different paths of learning + growth. Why do we continue to perpetuate the degradation of our culture by accepting this mindset? There is no such thing as a flaw in a system where perfection does not exist.


photo cred: #loveyourlines


7 thoughts on “week 47 // 2016: flaws aren’t real

        1. There are many factors to why we are where we are now. One is that the men that don’t love us get all the airtime and whatever they do and say is taken as the gospel for the entire race.

          I think a great deal of Black men have been conditioned not to love us, but there’s still a great deal that do. But then again, many Black women have been conditioned not to love themselves, so why do we expect that love from someone else?

          I could go on + on about it, but yes, we’re better with support and understanding from our male counterparts.

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