He Matches my Blackness [a reblog]

“We met in college. He walked me home from school every day for five years. We would talk about everything: how many kids we wanted, how we wanted to raise them, our roles in the home, where we wanted to live, and even where we wanted to go on vacation. So there really haven’t been […]

via She matches my blackness — Forever Black Effusion

3 thoughts on “He Matches my Blackness [a reblog]

  1. Now that’s romantic. I love thinking back to the men I’ve had those deeper conversations and relationships with throughout my life. Whenever I do, I realize instantly how surface-level and superficial so many of my recent relationships have been. I can’t wait to meet someone who genuinely cares to talk about these things ❤

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    1. I feel you. There are so many of them! They love to talk about themselves too. And even if they are interesting, they lose my interest by making themselves the only topic of interest. Ugh. And I hate hate hate small talk! Let’s do some digging and wondering together, you know. Break down my walls. Teach me something.


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