week 49 || 2016: 33 Morning Rituals


excerpt from xoNECOLE.com 33 Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Did you roll over and check your smartphone? I knew it! Is this what the world has come to? Being a slave to Apple and Android? Come on, we have to do better…

Maintaining balance and growth in my life has always been very high on my list, so capturing ways to contribute to such lifestyle is of high importance to me. When I open my eyes I’m sure to open a window for some fresh air, do some light reading, make my bed, drink a glass of warm water or tea and jot down a few of my thoughts. Sounds peaceful doesn’t it?!?!?

Rituals and routines are wonderful, but I still make it point to switch things up a bit every now and then. Some morning I just don’t want to write or have a cup of tea. When I need to pull in some new inspiration this is the list I choose a replacement ritual from:

  1. Take a few deep breathes and take life in.
  2. Stretch for at least one minute
  3. Give thanks/pray/gratitude
  4. Make up the Bed [every single day]
  5. Eat breakfast [not too big though]
  6. Drink tea
  7. Read a chapter
  8. Write down your thoughts [on paper and not on your phone] or last nights dreams
  9. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar
  10. Open your blinds or curtains
  11. Listen to music that speaks to your temperament
  12. Dance
  13. Verbalize a handful of personal affirmations
  14. Yoga
  15. Work out
  16. Do a steam treatment
  17. Paint your nails
  18. Take a swim
  19. Brisk walk around the block
  20. Write down your goals for the day, week, month and year
  21. Do a goal check up
  22. Practice mindfulness – meditate
  23. Drink lemon water
  24. Laugh
  25. Romp around [hubba hubba– I’m such a creep lol]
  26. Make your lunch
  27. Get some fresh air on your patio or porch
  28. Listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook
  29. Make a smoothie
  30. Smile in the mirror for 20 seconds
  31. Look at bright colors
  32. Straighten up around the house.
  33. MOST IMPORTANT: Tell yourself in the mirror how smart, beautiful and deserving you are!

spied on Politics & Fashion, excerpted from 33 Morning Rituals to Start Your Day on xoNECOLE.com | photo cred: pinterest

29 thoughts on “week 49 || 2016: 33 Morning Rituals

    1. hehe well that’s good. I say take baby steps. I try to allow myself at least ONE morning a week to sleep in, no phone alarm to wake me up. And I am trying to get in the habit of detaching from the phone that entire day. Why is it so hard?

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      1. I sleep with my phone by my bed, so when I wake up the alarm is going off and it’s right there. I detached from social media in a similar fashion. Deactivated FB and the Snapchat app. All I use now is this and Twitter for visibility

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          1. Like Sia! Genius!

            But I meant even as a commenter on youtube, it’s somewhat like social media except you’re just sharing your two cents on other’s content.

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  1. First thing i do? Phone check. Check! Haha. Then prayers, breakfast (I am a goodie, haha), music, some writing and reading (mostly on my phone), and err… whatever else. Your list is funky though. Maybe in my next life, I will be a more fun person. 😅😅😆

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    1. LOL I like your list too! This is just for people that want to break that habit of checking in with technology before checking in with themselves. I promise I do maybe three or four of these, but I like the idea of implementing one or two new rituals in my routine.

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  2. Does staring at the wall in the morning count as taking a few deep breaths/taking life in? LOL. Because it sure feels like it.

    Chamomile tea before bed wakes me up with so much PEACE and CALM. Its almost too good to do regularly. I usually wake up in the morning feeling too carefree and “floaty” for the chaos of work lol. Anyhoo, I love this list!

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  3. The problems with adapting your suggestion is… I have to go to work really early, so not enough time for a ritual unfortunately….


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