Is Art A Waste Of Time? — Carve & Draw

Short answer? Heck no.

There’s something that haunts me. Something that whispers to me faintly from far off with each day that passes and every time I pick up my pen. I’ve gotta good at ignoring it, so good that I often think it’s gone but every once in a while it’ll catch me off guard and I’ll hear […]

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17 thoughts on “Is Art A Waste Of Time? — Carve & Draw

  1. Art is always the scapegoat for everything. The government will say “Oh we need to slash the budgets so let’s slash arts” But give Isreal $36 billion dollars

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    1. You see through the nonsense. There’s a freedom in art that can’t be taxed. The government’s focus is always on what makes them richer and gives them more control, and there is power in art that cannot be controlled.

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  2. Nice!

    Art is only a waste of time if we assume a bourgeois/white perspective. The West is obsessed with science, technology, engineering and mathematics – those are “real” fields and, if you want to engage in a pastime, those are “real” hobbies. There is a hierarchy in college where the engineers are put on a pedestal but the art students are frowned upon.

    But art has revolutionary potential. Art is one of the ways of talking back outside the rigidity of “structure”. Art is where we can allow our creativity flow free and dare to imagine a different world. This is why art programs are being slashed, in part, because the encourage DREAMS. We can’t have oppressed people dreaming, now can we?

    Slightly differently, I feel this way about jazz. Especially improv jazz. It is unstructured … so it kinda detoxes our assumptions about the world as we know it. Art is very important!

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    1. You right about colleges treatment of arts vs. The STEM fields. I have civil engineering degree which I did have a interest in the field in my youth but i always had a natural talent in drawing and sketching. But of course I didn’t even consider minoring in art or the likes of it cause it didn’t have good “employment acquisition” potential after college. The creative side of our brain believe it or not influences STEM fields on a huge level. Looking back I would have taken industrial design, would’ve been a nice balance between both.

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        1. Hahaha! In due time, Ms. Kelley, in due time. I got some pieces I’ll share at some point. Been too preoccupied “writing posts” lol. I’ll remedy that some time soon.

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    2. You said it. Dreams? Swimming against the current? Making people think or respect an opposing perspective are exactly why art programs are losing funding and attention. I was one of those kids who looked forward to “art day” so I wouldn’t be graded for how well I played by the rules.

      Thanks for your spot on feedback.

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    1. I swear this is the same exact thing that happened to me. It was mother to be exact she told me that art is not practical. So wasted half of my life trying to pursue being a medical assistant. and I was MISERABLE!! I hated it!!

      The last time I could remember when I was genuinely happy, would be when I was everything art.! I am currently trying to teach myself how to draw again.

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