the only friend we need

nikisStars sun and moon

Blackberry galaxy and iPhone

Dad is playing video games

Mother is listening to her new tunes

Grandma is in the nursing home

So kids are watching a cartoon

Gps tracking and drones

Instagram Facebook and iTunes

Technology took our relations away

Only friend we need is a cellphone

© 2016 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

art by Nicholle KOBI

25 thoughts on “the only friend we need

  1. Its crazy, you posted this. I was just talking to my sister about this yesterday. When were younger, something so simple as sitting around the dinner table and conversing and or playing games with family was a thing to do.


    I look around the dinner table and see everyone on their phones. It is silent, sometimes the sound of a video that went viral is blaring through the speakers. BUT that’s it. It’s terrible.

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    1. It really is the terrible reality for many!

      My family has a rule when we go out to eat: whoever picks up their phone to text or “check in” has to foot the bill. It’s proven pretty effective to deter that behavior 🙂 If nowhere else, we should be conversing at the dang dinner table!

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  2. yessssssssssssss technology has taken over, its a bit sad. The lack of verbal communication has taken its toll on us, especially younger kids, they just cant do without it. but on another note twin, you know i approve of that photo you used. sooooooooooooo cute

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  3. Very accurate and sad. Sometimes, I go out to dinner and peak at the booth next to me…countless times I have seen a couple using their cell phones at the table and not talking to each other. Sad thing is: they are probably on Facebook telling everyone else that they are together eating dinner.

    Technology is good but we do not know how to use it. Instead of becoming closer with it, it widens the rifts between people.

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    1. I laughed because, yes! Those couples or groups ARE probably “checking in” on some app while they could be engaging with the humans sitting across from them.

      I agree that technology and social media could be used for some great, positive movement. But as you said, it’s doing more harm than good.

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    2. OMG! I had to laugh out loud Darryl, that date scenario is far too common ^_^ …Awesome share Kelley, and I couldn’t agree more with all of these discussions. We truly need to tune out the WiFi waves for a bit and tune into each other’s vibes!
      ♥ Biwa

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  4. I can’t count how many relationships with friends and others that have ended for me through text MIScommunication. It actually just happened to me a few minutes ago…

    Someone texted me a question. But before I could answer, he followed up with a statement in a brand new text. I ended up responding to the statement first – and the conversation progressed in that direction. A few minutes later, he accused me of changing the topic and of avoidance all because I never answered the initial question. I sat there dumbfounded because I was honestly just going with the flow (or so I thought). Next thing you know…I’m apologizing for the misunderstanding (which he eagerly accepted without apologizing for the name-calling). Now I’m feeling resentful and turned off…all because of a text lol. This NEVER would have happened over the phone!

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    1. Men are… special! I really really like phone calls. Some conversations should only be had face to face. Some conversations can be had over the phone. But certain topics are off limits via text for this reason! They are too dangerous to be misunderstood, if that makes sense.

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