week 2|2017

Whatever you give focused and intense energy or emotion to is what you will tend to experience more of. This is true whether that energy/emotion is positive or negative. Emotions like love, fear, gratitude and anger are all highly energized states and have potent creative power.

So when you let your fear be your dominating emotion about something, you are also simultaneously bringing it to life and making it more real. The same thing happens when you let gratitude be your dominating emotion about something.

If you don’t want something in your life, focus on the opposite of it. Focus on the solution. Resist the temptation to only focus on the problem. Acknowledge the issue, but put most of your energy into creating the reality you prefer.

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. Talk about your blessings more than your burdens. Focus on what you would like to experience more of and you will draw more things like it into your life. 

-Ruben Chavez, creator of Think Grow Prosper™

16 thoughts on “week 2|2017

  1. Words are powerful…positive affirmations are a necessary for some people. At least until, they learn to form their thoughts kindly, gently, starting with when thinking about themselves. Look at yourself first and give yourself a break, say, “Wow you’ve accomplished a lot today”, “You truly can learn anything you put your mind to”, “You are so creative.” Begin with you.

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  2. I remember when I first watched the Law of Attraction…they discussed this a LOT. How thinking negative thoughts still gives them attention and power over your life. We can even do small things like change the wording of our affirmation. For example – “I am not a failure” vs. “I am successful.” Love this post!

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      1. The movie I mentioned? OMG yes! Its a life changer. Its called “The Secret.” A lot of people live by the film/book and the principles taught in it. It changed my life, for sure. I was hanging with a guy back when I was super depressed (a friend). He eventually got fed up with me and told me he couldn’t be around me because of my negativity. I told him that I didn’t understand because I wasn’t a bad person or doing things wrong to him – I was just sad about my own life. He started to tell me how it didn’t matter – that my energy was contagious and he couldn’t allow it to corrupt his own. I was so hurt. He told me to watch The Secret and to touch base with him after I implemented what I learned into my life. I never forgot him…that film changed my outlook on my life and the power that I had in it. You’re already a positive person so it may not do much for you but for me….man.

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        1. Thank you. I have heard of it but never watched or read the book. I’ve only heard good things so I’ll give it a gander. I try to be positive but the trouble is interacting with negative people! Sometimes that positive energy doesn’t transfer and people are mad that you’re NOT mad lol! And it’s true that funky energy is draining! Like, I love you, but stay over theeeere so I can love you from a distance. I’m glad it changed your life. G checkin is so necessary!

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          1. LOL! That’s what he said to me “I love you kid, but I need to love you from a distance.” It wasn’t until I watched the film that I understood why that was so necessary, you know? But again – you already have the concept so I’m not sure if this film would be an eye opener for you as much as reinforcement. Either way, you’ll enjoy it! Pleaseeeee tell me if/after you watch it. And what the heck is G checking? Is that cool lingo for ‘Energy-checking’???? I swear I hope I’m right. Or maybe its G-spot checking :/ *side eye*

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          2. Yes! G check, energy check, inner G check. I’m from L.A. so don’t mind me! You know that song Check Yo Self by Ice Cube? It’s a life mantra for me. I’m kidding! But that’s where I got it from. And sure, we can make G-spot check part of the definition!

            I’ll let you know my review once I peep it. Thanks again.

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