How money & the White Gaze make you forget your Blackness, and how to resist. — RaceBaitR


By Said Shaiye Nearly every culture in the world today is centered around the premise that white is more valuable than black; that white skin carries with it an inherent infallibility and black skin is merely a foregone conclusion of criminality. Whiteness is universally understood to signify innocence, while blackness is intrinsically associated with guilt.…

via How money & the White Gaze make you forget your Blackness, and how to resist. — RaceBaitR

39 thoughts on “How money & the White Gaze make you forget your Blackness, and how to resist. — RaceBaitR

  1. Hmmmmm? So why did the brotha agree to be Scooby-Doo in the 1st place though? Isn’t that part of the problem? If you let people demean you right?

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          1. Uhhhh Bob gets them all. Also Ms. Suede can you walk me through on how you put the shopping and sales part up on your website? We have our merchandise but I need help with the walk through

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    1. LOL they didn’t have a feature image, so I had to do it. I thought it was fitting for the subject; sometimes we stoop so low just to “fit in” and this is how we look to those who see through the nonsense.

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  2. Great piece. Thanks for sharing Kelley. That image is a great summation of black folks being homogenized and pasteurized .. running around licking the boots of white folks. We look foolish; and I am glad the author says whiteness is “intoxicating”.

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      1. Girl, I just can’t with that kid playing Scooby Doo!
        I mean, they couldn’t pay me to degrade myself like that-even when I was his age.
        I’ll bet his parents would be pissed.
        Thank you for keeping us aware🙏🏾

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  3. That black guy in that picture is a shell of a man. He has no dignity or self respect. He see himself as an inferior being so he has no problem playing a dog to his masters. This is true menticide at it’s finest! He is truly pathetic!

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  4. That pic is REALLY sad. That Black dude don’t have an ounce of respect and it shows. Just look at his face. smdh.
    Girl, I didn’t know that you have your own shop. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been checking around much, however I will support you. Your art is very beautiful, love it!
    I’ve just recently opened up my shop selling t-shirts, I think you seen the post here:
    Well yep I see you already read and like the post.

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