Teaching while Black. — RaceBaitR

Or how I came to hate warnings. By Goyland Williams I was warned. They told me how unprepared the students were. How most of the students were non-traditional. Not prepared. Eighty percent on financial aid. Not prepared. A Hispanic-Serving Institution. They told me how the students would struggle in class because they lacked the resources…

via Teaching while Black. — RaceBaitR

11 thoughts on “Teaching while Black. — RaceBaitR

  1. You have 666 followers. That jumped out at me, then this article did and I followed my happy-go-lucky self right to the site and finished the read. Thank you for sharing it.

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    1. Tell me about it! I used to want to teach. I was very serious about it. This is just reminder that it takes such a special person to not only do it, but do it right! Kudos to you + all those that stay classy and cool under the heat.

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  2. This reminds me of my childhood. Living in Philadelphia going to Public School centered around mostly Blacks and Hispanics. We we lacked resources and the teachers never seemed to know what was going on. Recess was the best part. This is sad. It pains me that this new generation is still struggling with the downside structure of school system. Especially now since technology has increased immensely. All that technology still not much has changed. Teachers deserve so much more than this crooked system and the students do too.

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    1. Technology wouldn’t change the racism, but I do agree that the educators and students deserve so much more than what’s being received. Education has been put on the back burner for a long time.

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      1. Technology absolutely does not change racism. I agree. My point was that each generation seems to have lived through this cycle where students and teachers are not given the resources they need to soar (especially the ones growing up in Black and Latino neighborhoods). Racism definitely plays a huge role in the controversy the black teacher faces. I was speaking from a perspective of -the effect. The cause is evident and very clear here which is racism, lack of unpreparedness, and resources. The effect is the downward spiral of the school system that was “suppose” to be educate, protect, and supply to the young black students and its teachers. Unfortunately the school system continues to be a EPIC FAIL! I gave my story to represent my disappointment in school systems even after my departure. I know how it feels as a young black kid without a school book to learn or read out of.

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        1. Got it. You either go broke from sending your kid to private school or risk them hindering their brilliance in public school. The radar between those two extremes looks to be shrinking, hence why more parents opt for home schooling.

          Thanks for sharing your testimony.


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