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Hey hey! By now you know I’m just sliiiightly cool, so, of course, here I am accepting yet another blogger award from a new subscriber/blogger I just acquainted with, LADYHOOD! Thank you, sis! Please take a moment to check her out!

Instead of following the rules and nominating 15 bloggers, I ask my readers to comment with their answers to the questions in bold font below. I know we already feel like we know each other, but I’m nosey and wanna know more! And why not see how much we may have in common?

I encourage you to answer, but I understand if you’d rather keep your private life private and just judge other’s answers while snickering + sipping your tea. That’s what I’ll be doing! Just kidding!

I’ll go first 🙂

When did you start blogging? Can you believe I’m coming up on five years??! I can’t. Look out for the remodel this summer. Why? My lover at the time knew I needed a creative outlet. Plus he thought I always had a lot to say about clothing and style (mostly shit talk about the crappy looks that become super trendy), so he invested in a laptop for me and told me to get to work. It was one time in life when someone had more faith in me than I did myself that actually worked in my favor.

If it’s something other than your name, how’d you come up with your blog title? All of the other domains were taken or too expensive. I wanted to incorporate my favorite color, gray, but GraySuede was like my 8th choice.

Do your friends and family read your blog? Where’s the support? I have one good friend who subscribed but I dunno of any others. I told everyone about it when I started and got crickets. In “real” life, my support has come from newer friends. The rest are strangers turned cyber homies in the blogging community. Thanks, y’all 😉

Who or what inspires you to write? Everything. As an artist, I take inspiration from everything and everywhere. It may be a tragedy, a melody or a cloud formation.

Do you ever think about saying fck it and throwing in the blogger towel? No.

It doesn’t seem like one could ever run out of things to speak on, but we know how that goes. What do you do for inspiration during those creative lulls when nothing seems to come out right?? I ask for inspiration. I text my “friends” -the ones who don’t follow the blog!- and tell them to send me some good vibes and inspiration and voilà! And if there’s no voilà, I welcome the lull and just reblog some awesome posts.

What are some of your favorite topics to speak on? It used to be fashion but now it’s more of a Black-rooted move toward awareness and uplifting my people. I just like talking about cerebral things that interest me and/or make me smile, inspire and provoke thought.

Name your favorite blogger! I honestly take away something from every blogger and blog post I read. That’s the point, right? If you look at my subscriptions, you may sense a slight trend, but I follow a plethora of dynamic writers. Even if they don’t write any of it, these people are sharing the goods. Not everything is heavy or visceral or laced with SAT words. Not everything is lighthearted or sugarcoated or silly. I do like to learn new words and what other people think and stuff, but I also like a to laugh and look at fancy clothes and nod my head to new music sometimes. I hope my own blog reflects that notion. Wait WAIT… could.. could I be my own favorite blogger……??

What are you currently reading or what’s the last book you read? In it’s entirety, I last read The Unhappy Wife. If you have yet to read it, get your life together in 2017! I’m currently double-fisting Conduit, a book of short stories and poetry by my friend Jon Goode (review soon come!) and The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna. I’m not sure why it’s taking me so long to finish this novel because I actually really enjoy it!


And that’s all she wrote. I hope you feel like sharing! I look forward to reading your responses and getting to know you better.




77 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition

  1. Okay…I’ll answer a few, but first, let me say, THANK YOU Kelley! I appreciate the love. Okay, with that said, here are a few answers: 1) Think I started 2 or 3 years ago. 2) I’d written a book, Kwoted, and someone suggested starting a blog to sell the book, but that didn’t work because of course, no one knew me and I found out many people don’t like quote books lol 3) At first it came from the book, hence,, but then I realized I would write other books and that might not always work, so I changed the title to my pen name. 4) Not really. My husband does a serial read every now and then and if I post to FB, then they read, but mostly, like you, my readers are “strangers” turned blogging buddies who are SUPER supportive. And I appreciate every bit!

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    1. Thanks for your response! I love that your husband does a serial read!
      How did you learn people don’t like quote books? Maybe old people do? I gave my grandma a few quote books before she passed that she loved. (although she’s the only one I knew of that owned them..)

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  2. I started blogging last year. I’m fairly new to this.

    I started because my cousin owns and wanted to know if I would like to be a contributor.

    Titles are easy narratives for me, I’m being cocky but I am a natural. Hahahahahaha.
    It’s honestly so/so. Some people I have to bother just to read or listen to us and it’s frustrating because when they have something, I support it immediately. No questions. I wish we had that reciprocation at times. We do have a few core followers and supporters.
    Eddie star and Darryl Walker are great inspirations at times when I’m being lazy. Dave as well because his mind is very fascinating. Lady G and Ron as well because they do not leave anything stone unturned. Josie too because she is soooo fine 😉. Mrs. Williams because she has an interesting perspective on life and love.
    Hell No.
    I have not had that yet honestly. I don’t go out much so this kind of is my lifeline to an extent.
    Sports, race, anti status quo, hair, comedy, snacks, food, positive black anything, real factual things that folks do not care about, conspiracy theories, being petty.

    9.Favorite blogger hmmmm wow that is a tough one honestly.

    I’m reading the Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade. I’m dabbling in Yoruba religion.

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    1. Doooope! Thanks for your response, Tareau! I, too, wish that support was reciprocated but a lot of people do for self or don’t support until you’re out of their grasp.

      And since you’re good with titles, please come up with a new name for my blog!

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    2. It’s crazy how people do not reciprocate the love. It’ll be your own family. But people love to talk that oh black people need to do this and do that but when you are black actually doing this and that they are nowhere to be found. GTFOOMF!

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        1. That’s why I love you WordPress fam. None of that Shiznet. We may joke and disagree with things but we are all a credit to our race. sips grand marnier

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          1. sips triple cream rum

            We love you too. And we need to continue to be an example-show our people that hey, a disagreement does not mean we should throw in the towel and give up on us. We’re not all in the same space but we’re good as long as we’re open to differing opinions + beliefs.

            I always appreciate the convos.

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  3. I love Ms Kelley !
    Congrats doll!
    I’m glad your lover put you to work. That was ingenious on his part💋
    BTW, I find that most of us don’t have people close to us who read our blogs. Like Doc K was saying, my son and brother will do a serial read but not often. Other than that…uh…NO!
    I wonder why that’s the case?
    Keep up the goods lady💋 we need your voice🌹

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    1. Haha thank you so much! I do what I can, what feels right.

      He’s a cool dude. Definitely one of the best gifts I ever got.

      My friends be like “oh… you still blog?” Uhmmm YES, foo! Where have you been?! I don’t know what that’s about. They’ll read books and CNN tickers but pass on the blog

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      1. You are very welcome 🙂
        LOL @ “You still blog?”
        “Yes fool!”
        No seriously, I am smh.
        Girl I’m so confused with the whole family and friends not reading our blogs.
        I do have some friends who are really busy but by the same token, they are not too busy to send me a link to a ‘real’ blog like Huff Post or the Root! LOL!!!
        I’m like WTF? I thought you was too busy to read sh*t😂

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        1. EXACTLY! People will talk to you about and share a person’s work who they have never met or looked at in the eyes, but when it comes to the person they knew for all these years, they’re quite and no where to be found. I’m realizing that I sound jaded! But now I see that we all go through the same nonsense.

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      2. That feels somewhat disrespectful at times especially when I have told them that I drop something every Wednesday! They’ll say something like have you dropped anything lately. Which basically means that they haven’t been or read anything off your site! I just look at people with the dumb face now.

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      3. People just make excuses. It literally takes 10 seconds to send a text message and less time to make an actual phone call. How many people do not leave voicemail but complain about communication? People are just selfish.

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  4. You’re beyond slightly cool, you’re a celebrity around these parts. I won’t compare you to anyone else, since you’re your own woman, but you got the Juice.

    I started blogging in Sept. of 2015 because I needed a place to release my thoughts. It’s therapeutic & I’m glad I started. I’m a medieval/Renaissance nerd so my name is based off one of my favorite families of the time, the Medici family of Florence. They were heavy influencers and patrons of the arts. But, the big thing for me is how they took one hustle & turned it into another & another… That’s an underlying purpose of my blog. To build a foundation for other writing opportunities. I’ve let a few close friends read my blog but my family is oblivious to it. My inspiration comes from weird places, random signs, conversations, etc.

    I think this is where I’ll stop because you should already know you’re one of my favorites bloggers!!… Along with Josie, Cliff and a few others.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to answer! So glad to have you in my bloggers circle!

      I figured the Modern Medici was a take on something.. not so modern- like Ryan Leslie calling himself the Black Mozart. Thank you for breaking it all the way down. Very cool.

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  5. Congratulations! Its funny how similar our blogging starts are. Both came from an old lover who believed in us. I started blogging when I met him bur his encouragement pushed me to continue.

    I love your blog immensely, as you know. Forget the family and friends – “we all we got”! HAHA. 😀

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  6. When did you start blogging? Geez… maybe 10 years or so ago…. My latest incarnation began a little over a year ago.

    Do your friends and family read your blog? Where’s the support? Yes, some of friends and family read my blog here and there… a few read consistently which I’m always surprised when I find out. I even have a few co-workers who read too. My support comes from them, some loyal IG followers and my dope fellow bloggers…at least that’s all I know about. There may be more for all I know.

    Who or what inspires you to write? Life, imagination, and creativity.

    Do you ever think about saying fck it and throwing in the blogger towel? Yes but I never do.

    It doesn’t seem like one could ever run out of things to speak on, but we know how that goes. What do you do for inspiration during those creative lulls when nothing seems to come out right?? Pull out old posts I’ve written in previous blogs of mine if it’s really bad. lol If it’s not that bad, then I can pull inspiration from a conversation or another blog post or a video. It all depends on my mood that day.

    What are some of your favorite topics to speak on? Good vibes, love, funny random topics and thought-provoking pieces about society and media.

    Name your favorite blogger! Too many to name… lol

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      1. Well it started with e-newsletters back in the day and then I learned some basic html and created simple musician-based websites and then I started music blogs on blogger. Then it went onto WordPress which is when I switched up with the content and began writing similar topic so as you see now. O a long journey. Fun ride so far.

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          1. Now you do! lol And the e-newsletters was beyond 10 years ago. Back when The Boy Is Mine was out. The music websites started around the time Alicia Keys debut came out. Geez I’m old. lol j/k…sorta

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