week 7|2017: give yourself a pound

Where credit is due we usually give it so why is it we rarely give ourselves the credit we deserve. Why do we rarely pat ourselves on the back acknowledging the hard work we’ve put in. We wait for others to tell us we’ve done well before we acknowledge our own efforts. Did our achievements […]

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14 thoughts on “week 7|2017: give yourself a pound

  1. I am guilty of not giving myself credit for what I do and then I’m usually surprised when someone else actually gives me credit for what I’ve done. I am quite complicated in a way because I do believe that my upbringing damaged me and I have not yet let go of all the baggage from my childhood.

    My mother was a virago, still is but at least I don’t have to deal with her now, only her influence is still with me because I let her vile words, to this day, stop me from giving myself the credit I’m due. It is a shame that children must go through different phases to try and undo the damage of their upbringing and here I am, quite the adult and still trying to shake off the negativity that has plagued me all my life as a result of a childhood that was so damaging, emotionally and mentally.

    Thanks for this post Kelley, I needed it!

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    1. So glad to hear it resonated, Shelby.

      We all have baggage of some kind. The power lies in admitting it! And sharing it helps someone realize that he’s not alone with his open wounds. A lot of adults are walking around carrying the weight of their damaging childhood or past relationships or whatever. Sometimes it’s a lifetime process to “fix”; there is no end game, only betterment.

      Thanks for your testimony. You’re stronger than you know!

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    1. Right. We’re told to stop bragging. Don’t toot your own horn. But you kind of have to! We should do for ourselves as we do for others, but I agree that it’s not so easy. Maybe we feel we are undeserving?


      1. I’ve often thought of that – about feeling undeserving. It never sat right with me despite all my personal issues. I wonder sometimes if it’s feeling undeserving or feeling the oppressing weight of cultural pressure to be humble. Messages scream at us to be proud but if we’re proud we’re shot down for being arrogant. But then if we are humble we are told we’re weak. No wonder it’s so confusing.

        In truth we can be both humble and proud and that’s how we ought to be. But if we are truly that, then we are labeled dangerous.

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