The Castration of the Black Man [a reblog]

Thanks for this excellent post, MINDSIGHTCOLLECTIVE. It perfectly illustrates the marathons men with Black skin and an African identity must run before they can walk or even stand. I realize the system is designed for us to always come in last place, but I hope you gain strength and some peace in clarity of how you came to be perceived as so much of what you’re not.


The Black male is only conscious of himself through the ideals of the dominant culture that does not see him or allow him to function as a man of equal status. Thus creating a conflicting identity of being a Black man in a White society. Black masculinity has been institutionalised and socialised by the White […]

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23 thoughts on “The Castration of the Black Man [a reblog]

  1. Admittedly, the image grabbed my attention , but that is a great article. Your reblogging of this piece has introduced me to yet another new and intriguing site. Thank you.

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    1. It is easy to point fingers at whites wrong doing, but in reality black American men attracting and killing other black American men.


  2. Great post! All very true. Makes me think of how right after “emancipation”, a lot of black men were not only lynched, but they were castrated and their penises were shoved in their mouths. The hatred of black men is, in many ways, rooted in sexuality and a desire for sexual “revenge.”

    It seems as if black men are in a double bind. We are either too much or too little. Black men are seen as either hyper-masculine (i.e. having huge penises and/or inclinations toward rape); or as emasculated (i.e. the stereotype of not being a ‘real’ man because we don’t have jobs and/or take care of our children; wearing baggy pants that expose our buttocks, suggesting homosexuality). Black men are either superhuman or subhuman … but never actually HUMAN. These concepts are two sides of the same coin, whether one [being superhuman] is framed as a compliment or not. The idea that black men are the best lovers has the same impulse as saying black men are non-human. In both cases, black men are emasculated or “castrated”.

    It reminds me of that Key & Peele skit about white women discussing sex with black men:

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    1. Haaaa that skit was hilarious! Typical filterless white girls! Thank you for sharing.

      And thank you for your insight. SO sadly true. Black men are never allowed to just be. Their breathing is a threat. You gave great examples but another I’ll mention is being shot repeatedly by cops. Like one bullet can’t kill a Black man; you have to unload on him.

      Thanks again, Darryl. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

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      1. Hi Kelley! The gun seems to be an extension and/or substitute for the penis. Great point about police killings. And great word choice with “unload”. In sexual slang, this term is used to describe the process of male ejaculation. For a lot of men, as suggested in the article, sexual prowess is often measured in the ability to “shoot” semen. We imagine sex in violent terms; and sperm becomes the bullets – often referred to as a man’s “little soldiers”. Since black men are the most likely to be murdered – at the hands of a gun – it becomes clear that murdering black men is a key to constituting masculinity.

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  3. Great Article. The Castration of the black man is the destruction of the black family. It forces the Black man into destructive means of seeking there Manhood. Black boys of single parent house holds, most of which are female lead are left with a lack of a father figure and thus has to choose between a number of stereo types brought forth by mass media and endorsed by their fatherless peers. When the father is absent, cool becomes your daddy. The Pimp was the first, the dealer was second and the banger came last. Those that try to take a righteous path often end up trying to pursue their masculinity through Patriarchy which leads to the friction. It is all by design. Thanks for the read Sistah. I look forward to reading more of your post.

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    1. True story, Blackman! Most systems in place are by design- did not happen organically- and we have to step back and wonder why. Why are we constantly under attack? Why does the world hate seeing a strong, intelligent, balanced, peaceful, heterosexual Black man loving his Black woman and family making more proud, Black babies? We need more of us to realize we’re under attack so we can collectively do our best to protect + lead our youth and continue to be great examples by perpetuating Black love in all forms.

      I appreciate you stopping by. I encourage you to leave some kind words on the original post if you haven’t already.


      1. They attack us because they know how we are. We are Gods children and they are the enemy if God. The very Sun blights them. I will try tie find the original post and comment and like and I hope that yay can visit my page and do the same.

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