week 8|2017


We need confidence in our knowledge of who we are.

17 thoughts on “week 8|2017

  1. We take our hair and weave marvels. Our children’s skin is a goal for those under heat lamps. We chant, and the world moves to the music of jazz, blues, gospel, rap. We snapped our fingers out to pass time and created pop. Stolen are our legacies by the talentless, thoughtless. No royalties. As revenge we move on….and when we move new movements begin. Thank you for posting I love Nikki Giovanni.

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  2. YAAAAAAAAAS!! This made me want to dance in the streets and say “What? What ya staring at sir?? I’m a black woman and I turn water into win – so please allow me a moment to celebrate, will you?!” hahahhaa.

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