week 9|2017

If you get tired, rest; don’t quit.

12 thoughts on “week 9|2017

      1. Yes it does, good thing I have some baked goods i ordered to help me if trouble comes. and I ain’t sharing either hahahahahhahahaha

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          1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha. As I eat them cookies in front of everybody and not offer none of these negros any

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    1. girl! I read this and thought about you lol. Only because I know you’re taking a break from blogging right now and I was going to say “send this to Tunisia to make sure this break is temporary” haha.

      I actually think a break is brilliant for you because you produce a lot of content and it allows your followers to catch up on posts that they missed. Kind of like the mid-season finale of your fav TV show! Even myself; I’m going to use your break to catch up on your blog. Post a few pics of you relaxing while on break – tea and sunsets lol. I would love it~

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      1. Hahaha… no worries … the blog break is temporary for sure and I wish I was able to enjoy some tea and sunsets. I’m busy trying to balance the rest of my life between a relatively new 9-5 job that gets a little busier per month, helping with the planning process of my family reunion, figuring out network events to go and articles to write for other websites, write a bunch of material for the blog so I have some content as backup when i feel stuck and perhaps, have some great tea and some beautiful sunsets too. lol


  1. I often forget that it’s okay to rest. In our 24/7 world, it almost feels like a sin to rest. I worry that if I rest I’ll lose momentum. But then I burn out and shut down. I’m slowly learning that rest is ok, that the spirit needs time for rejuvenation.

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    1. Right! We have to unlearn what we’ve been taught to accept and force upon ourselves. How can you give your best if you’re never feeling your best?

      Thanks for tuning in + your honest feedback.

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