week 12|2017

We can’t make people happy;
we can only encourage happiness
to be a part of their diet.
Until they can take that step with
themselves, nothing will matter; it’ll all feel
like tires in the mud.
And every move will feel muted,
every accomplishment will seem to be on a
path they wish they’d found five years ago.
Nothing comes without time, assessment
and application, especially happiness. It
isn’t something that can be force-fed, it
doesn’t arrive in the form of a pill, a bottle,
or even an herb.
Happiness is sought after,
earned and cultivated from within;
and it will only happen when they are ready.
Until then, it will all be just words written
on a sandy shore, waiting to be washed
away without much give.//dáe.

12 thoughts on “week 12|2017

  1. Happiness is sought after,
    earned and cultivated from within…. That’s the part hit home. That’s the part that made me have to reflect a little bit. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking something, or someone is supposed to make you happy, when in fact it’s your responsibility to make/keep yourself happy. It’s like the Katt Williams joke, “It’s called Self Esteem… It’s Esteem of your f*cking Self!”

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  2. I had to learn this myself. Once I realized what was holding me back from my own happiness, then I wanted EVERYBODY to be happy. All I could do is suggest it. It’s definitely an inside job.

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  3. I love everything about this. The intro – I love how its emphasized not that happiness is self-cultivated but that we, as passengers to someone else’s journey can still play a part in the assist. So many times we step back, assuming no responsibility for our brothers and sisters when we have the power of “the assist.”

    “Nothing comes without time, assessment and application” – every single one of these things are so essential, right?! Perfect

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